Team finance: choosing a leader and a facilitator, and planning the work for 2022

Paging @reef-finance.

I am just back from a meeting of Team coordination, and they gave us (and every team in The Reef) a job: we should choose a team leader, and, if we can, a facilitator.

  • The main job of the leader is to attend the meetings ot Team Coordination.
  • Here is more about team leaders and how they are chosen in sociocracy.
  • We definitely need a facilitator, as facilitated meetings are 5x productive. Hopefully one of us is interested in being the facilitator: in case anyone is interested, team facilitation is working to buy an online facilitation course, and everyone is encouraged to take it (at their own pace, probably in small groups).

Ça tombe bien, because we are overdue for a team meeting anyway. We have done work, but not met as a team in well over a month, and now I really feel the need to make a road map for our future activities, including:

  1. Organizing the calendar of the confesseur sessions (@ugne is doing this).
  2. Organizing a meeting with the notary.
  3. Organizing a meeting with Triodos.
  4. Approaching CityDev to see if they would be willing to do the same with us that they did with Tivoli (see. I suspect we will need team inclusion to help us, should we get to that meeting).

Deadline for choosing a leader: 31 October. When would you be available to do a solid meeting (think 90 minutes, online)?


I would be available on Monday 24th in the morning, Tuesday 25th in the evening (if no meeting of Team Inclusion )(and maybe part of the afternoon, but don’t know yet), Thursday 27th in the evening (if no meeting of Team Inclusion ), Friday 28 if we finish before 11 am.

Thanks @Celine_D, but, also after talking to our new recruit @VickyVanEyck none of these work. We propose Monday 31st at 20.00. Can you confirm? Also @mas and @ugne.

I’m sorry, Monday 31st is impossible for me.

Sorry to be so late! Ada is ill and I am leaving to Lithuania for 10 days as of tomorrow, so it’s super hectic. Monday, 31 Oct is difficult but also because of time. I will be there alone, so 8pm which is 9pm LT time, i will have to be putting my daughter to bed. Let me know if there are other options and i will try to adapt.

Ok, let’s try again. I really would like all of @reef-finance to be present this one time, including Vicky. Here’s a poll. I am leaving it intentionally vague, as I am fairly flexible within those time slots.

  • Tuesday 1 November, late afternoon or evening
  • Wednesday 2 November late afternoon
  • Thursday 3 November late afternoon or evening

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I have to be more precise : available Wed. 2nd before 6 pm. Thu 3 after 5:30 pm.


May I suggest some other candidate agenda points?

  • Selection of Team Leader and Facilitator
  • Input to the budget until April 2023 (see Coordination Group meeting)
  • Getting legal counsel on possible legal forms (cooperative or foundation)

Hi! Update : we have a meeting of Team Inclusion on Thu. 3rd at 7 pm.

I can do the first as well but before 7.30 pm :slight_smile:

Ok, it seems we can do Thursday 17.30 to 18.30, so that @Celine_D can then attend the Inclusion meeting. @ugne , I am assuming you can work with this. I will put it on the calendar right now.

Tentative agenda:

  1. Elect a team delegate and a facilitator (20 mins)
  2. Make a guesstimate of the team’s financial expenditures from here to April (10 mins)
  3. Make a list of tasks and subdivide then between us (30 mins). Some tasks I can think of are:
    • Organize a meeting with the notary to get an overview of the process (this would also be a good place to ask about the legal form of the entity running the common spaces)
    • Organize a meeting with Triodos: what does it mean to be “the bank of a cohousing”? What services are they offering?
    • Reach out to Can we get a plot of land in a long-term lease, like Tivoli?
    • Simplify the process – currently very clunky – for expenses reimbursement.

Am I forgetting anything?


Perfect, will be there!

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Hi Alberto, will you be sending a link here?

Hello @VickyVanEyck, you will find the link in the calendar event on Nextcloud. You already have an invitation to the event, it should be in your notifications:


If you are using a calendar application, like Google Calendar or any other, you can easily add The Reef’s shared calendar to it. Here’s some instructions to do it (or just ask @Pieter or @manuelpueyo or me):

Thanks :slight_smile:

The minutes of the meeting are now online: internal link, needs access to NextCloud.

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Hi @reef-finance Just wanted to check in on how we are doing? From my side, I have reached out to Triodos by email, I haven’t heard back yet but I will call them on Monday as I have the day off. I just wanted to clarify, shall I set up the meeting with Triodos for when it suits me (I need to talk to them about my own finances as well), or is anyone else interested in joining the meeting as well?
Unfortunatey I cannot join the next plenary as I’m in Spain but I’m available for another team finance meeting in the next two weeks if necessary following the plenary meeting.


The way I see this it’s a Reef thingy only. We don’t need everybody to be present, but it needs to be open to everybody who’d be interested to attend.

The main objective of the meeting - in my view - should be

  1. to get clarity on whether they can help with the purchase of the site
  2. to have them explain what they have to offer in terms of mortgages for cohousing groups

Once the meeting is scheduled I would also recommend to open a new thread to invite people to ask their questions?

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And to clarify this: any bank can give individual Reeflings individual mortgages. The question is if there are formulae for collective mortgages, covering multiple units in the cohousing. If there are, the follow-up question is what advantage they have.

For now I don’t see the need for one, we can just use the forum to update one another on what we are doing. I would, however, ask you (and everyone in @reef-finance) to take a look at this draft proposal.

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Ok, thanks both. Will come back end of the week with a date and time.