Istanbul Innovation Days reading list by Tuesday morning

@alex_levene and I have just come off a great call with Dark Matter Labs who are behind the programming of the Istanbul Innovation Days. While we’ve had relatively free rain on our zone - unlike the others that have been closely programmed consistently by Dark Matter with Millie and her team - now is the time to weave things together for a strong event.

We are developing a booklet for attendees to our experimentation zone that includes:

  • space for notes from the panel discussion
  • tools for the immersive experiments (we are gong light on facilitation and strong on self-guided activities)
  • an Econ Sci Fi reading list
  • and three additional DIY exercises to form a takeaway toolkit.

This will either be integrated into a larger event wide playbook or form a plug in for attendees of our session. This all needs to be finalised by Tuesday to go through necessary approvals and to print in time for the event a week later.

While Alex and I finalise the rest of the content, we still need the reading list. @Malka and @Raffaele can you please share here a consolidated list of your recommendations relevant to the discussion? @alberto can you also share here a list of the references you have shared for the economic pairs? These may be consolidated with some select works from the collective wiki to form a reading list for attendees (we don’t want to overwhelm them).

We’ll need this by Monday, Tuesday morning at the latest. Any questions let us know. Thanks

Sure thing.

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We have listed so many topics in our previous posts that at the moment I have no idea what we will discuss, let alone which reading list to suggest. Let’s clear the picture on Monday call, I’ll provide my suggestions immediately afterwards.

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While I think we’re circling in on a core group of novels, I’d like to put a question out to twitter about short stories that might be relevant. I don’t read as much short fiction, so I’m not as up on that area, but it might be easier for participants. The one that keeps coming to mind for me is Asimov’s Franchise, but it’s political rather than explicitly economic - although I think people reading it would make the connection with the economic big data stuff we see today.

The other segment of books we haven’t discussed at all are fantasy. Max Gladstone and Seth Dickinson both right fantasy that is explicitly about the power of economics - largely finance - in the worlds they create.


This is an excellent idea! I have at least one to suggest: The unplugged by our co-founder Vinay Gupta. Anticipating Walkaway in some ways, though it was 2006.

@Raffaele No worries and we can work with that.

@Malka Love it.

@alberto and @alex_levene To state the obvious, let’s make sure @edgeryders and community retweets / ripples with its own story around it.

Done. I added the refs to the post itself.

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@Malka I read The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics. I think it’s off track.

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