Jean-François Gauthier, a vision for the future of public services through open government

(Photo: Jean-François Gauthier)

Jean-François Gauthier, who specialized in management consulting for the Quebec City firm Loran Technologies, is concerned about the interaction between the government and citizens. His professional experience enabled him to understand the needs of citizens and the constraints of a public system.

He is worried about the lack of public confidence in their representatives and civic disengagement. Jean-François and his family witnessed a coup in Haiti in September 1990. Two weeks of constant gun shots around his house in this country opened his eyes. He knows how we too easily take democracy for granted, how precious it really is.

Jean-François believes in leveraging technology to render public services more efficient. During a strategic consulting assignment at the Treasury Board of the government of Quebec, he became aware of the potential of open government. An “awesome discovery”, he said. He realized that technology tools available today can be integrated to a government within a structured approach, something useful to increase public confidence. Jean-François sees how transparency and information flow increases public trust, improve policy makers accountability, and can increase the level of performance of public agencies. He likes how open government brings a unifying vision of business that can help meet the challenges of government budget constraints.

Jean-François also has a keen interest in developing multilateral partnerships that will support development of open government initiatives in the French speaking countries. He’s a founding member of recently launched

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