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@nabeel_p and @anique.vered hi, wondering if any one of you has experience running kitchens? should we be cooking during an evening, would you like to take charge or just help out? If not, our fallback option is @alex_levene in the lead - he’ll need to juggle some roles though :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @noemi, lovely to hear from you. I think it best I help out in this instance as I’m new to the city and the network and have more experiencing being a part of team rather than leading cooking for large groups. At the same time I’ll all about collaborative leadership so if @alex_levene wanted to give us some tips before or from afar then I reckon we can work together to make tasty goodness <3

Also @noemi , do you have any idea what times we’ll be needed on day 1 yet? Just juggling various things myself.

HI @noemi @alex_levene & @anique.vered . I could assist as best I can. I’m not sure on leading as I don’t have experience with cooking for such a large amount of persons but if we could perhaps have an idea of the menu we could work to prep Evenings for cooking lunch. We also have to ascertain how this will work, and access to the venue after each day’s proceedings (prep). If we can prep well it should all be in order for some tasty meals. Also we need an idea of how many vegetarians, vegans… I’m also keen on collaborative leadership.

Lastly, on Day 1 some of us arrive mid-morning once the meeting has started already. This may prove tricky for Lunch cooking on Day 1 as we don’t know the menu yet. I imagine we have all cooking utensils.

Looking forward to this.

Perhaps we could establish a working group for food and we could liaise ahead of the Festival and provide feedback?

@nabeel_p I think that’s a great idea! As I’m new to this conversation I’m not sure how we can go about that -
is starting a separate thread/ having a hangout call an option for example?

Also @noemi at this stage I’m also on check-on and harvesting so also just need to manage expectations of the various teams and not spread myself too thin. Would be happy to contribute to planning the cooking and also open to spending more of my time on that but will need to let check-in and harvesting know.

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hey @owen @noemi
I started to make a booklet for the festival, forgot to post it here.
I made a quick draft with the program and participants, still missing the other info like venue, instructions, and so …can make this final by next weekend.

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@nabeel_p @alex_levene @anique.vered - I am sending an update email today.
We need a team to cook the dinner on the day 1 (we have kitchen with all equipment available in the venue)
and we need volunteers who will help with the second dinner in la Serre on the second night - but we will have chefs there.
That’s all :slight_smile:

If you could organize a bit beforehand, it would be good, We can wait until next week to see who else will join, but you can also already start preparing the ideas for meals and the shopping list.


Anique, for the harvesting I think @Gehan who is coordinating will be in touch if she needs anything. Otherwise consider food your priority :slight_smile:

Heia, good to have you Hazem.
Owen did a first pass for the 1 pager program which we print in more copies. The booklet we’ll print in few copies available to browse onsite. Where are you working that we can plug in our designs (Owen) and info (myself)? Email us?

@Sohayeb I am happy to help with photography all day on day 3

@nabeel_p I am happy to help out with the food team on day 3

@noemi Hey we can help with the urban game and do whatever we can to help with Harvesting. Thanks.


Got it, will do thanks for the clarification @noemi :cherries:

i’m up for doing a mass make of vegan chocolate truffles.

Hello may I join the social Media team ? @Heba @owen

@noemi Thanks for making this possible!!! <3

I’m super happy to take photos. Will bring my SLR. My fav is shooting portraits.

Also I can help the Tech Team. I’m quite tech savvy and usually take care setting up video beamers and sound systems in Nieklitz :wink:

Much love

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Hi @natalia_skoczylas alex_levene, @noemi, @minted242, @anique.vered and any others interested. How about we find out who else is interested and we could arrange a 30-45 min online meeting to discuss menu, prep times, who is interested, who shall participate on which day and all accompanying logistics?

We can then plan and provide complete meal prep, ingredients lists, etc to the Event organizers? Any thoughts?

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That sounds great @nabeel_p . Could it be worthwhile holding the food meeting before or after the community call next Wednesday? Back-to-back could be easy to organise but also open to arranging another time… :pineapple: