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Assist with preparing leaflets, program posters and other visuals for the event. If you have basic design skills and feel like this is your match, we need your help. Sign up for the task by leaving a comment below.

@owen coordinating, with @hazem

2. CHECK IN team

As the festival will be opening, we’d need two of you to assist the participants with checking in the venue. Ideally, we need two people, ready to take over the task every morning in our venue, La Serre. Leave a comment below if that’s what you could help with.

Day1 - @winnieponcelet, @noemi
Day2 - @anique.vered @sabgaby

We will be playing a game designed for the festival by our fabulous friends from Milan and we need 5 people to help with facilitating this event. Leave a comment if you’d like to help with it.

@matteo_uguzzoni (Lead) @liz_biospherex @noemi @nabeel_p @woodbinehealth

Every day a small team of floor managers will be keeping track of the daily program, time and doing short check-ins and briefings with the group between sessions (2 people, per each day of the conference - 6 people in total). Write in the comment when are you available to help with the task.

@alex_levene (Lead, Master of ceremony) @baderdean

Again, we need two people for each day, 6 people in total. Write in the comment when are you available to help with the task.

@emsone (Lead) @matthias @baderdean


A. Harvesting onsite FULL
Supporting processes for capturing individual and collective insights from sessions and the festival as a whole. We need about 4-5 people on this. Link to harvesting plan.
@gehan (coordination) @anique.vered @woodbinehealth @nicole @asimong @SyMorin

B. Harvesting digital - Photo, Video etc FULL
Help with visual documentation of the event. We need minimum 3 people - either willing to do photos/videos every day, or one of the days. Please state in the comment what role you’d like to take and during which days you’d like to be available for it.

video mini interviews @cindys
photographers @Sohayeb, @emsone @minted242 (day3) @iamkat @bmfoto
multimedia @owen
video and photography @MichelleP
podcasts @michael_dunn

Committed to synthetizing their reflections in post(s) during and after the event @thomasmboa @bilal @alberto @ramykim
Social Media FULL
Everyone will be tweeting and sharing from the event, but we need 6 people, two per day, to take over the edgeryders official accounts and share live updates!

@Heba (coordination), @owen @zmorda @bilal @alberto

7. FOOD team
Probably the most fun task on the list - communal cooking and serving historically provides a unique experience during our events. We need approximately 3-5 people for two first days of the conference. What’s cooking?

On Day1, we will be using the kitchen in La Serre to prepare a dinner for the community. We need 5 volunteers who can run a kitchen. Please let us know who can do it, discuss the menu and send us the list of ingredients. We will make sure all is there waiting for you on the 19th of October.

On the Day 2, we need 3-5 volunteers who will help cooking with the Up Cooking team - in the afternoon, in La Serre (while other sessions will be in Au Quai). I can assure you, these guys are both a great company and wonderful chefs. You won’t be cooking ordinary stuff - you will have a whole new experience. And you can count on a glass of good wine from them :wink:

@nabeel_p (day 1), @alex_levene (Day1), @DeniseJabbour (day 2) @anique.vered (Day 1)
@michael_dunn @mboto @SyMorin @liz_biospherex (day2) Eta (@woodbinehealth ) Day2 @bilal @mcverter (Day1)

8. PARTY team FULL
The party is already in a very advanced stage of planning, so what I will need is a few hands to help us with the entrance, as it will be open to the public. 4 people would be enough so we can all take shifts and enjoy the evening.

@natalia_skoczylas (coordinator), @nabeel_p and @School_of_Apocalypse @xenia

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments as well. If you need any specific tools, ingredients, equipment for your team, add it to this list - and we will buy it for you.


I’d be willing to assist the party team as well. I arrive too late on Day 1 to assist with other tasks.

So the lovely @cindys will be doing video documentation. A quick idea to run by you: an event I was at recently had an interesting approach - they had a room which they called “Life streaming”, where anyone could go in, turn on the camera set in the room and start sharing whatever they felt, a little like journaling to reflect on things. The organisers promised to not publish anything without consulting with the people on video first. Have you come across some other formats which you like? Or do you prefer plain shooting, or interviewing?

Hello @noemi - these sound like very nice setups that invite serendipity. My approach was going to be informal mini interviews with an inviting sign to put next to my tripod welcoming people to share their experience, and if they have any - inspired by the festival - their thoughts on “if I were a Prime Minister (or equivalent) I would…”. I wanted to ask about Edgeryder’s policies on ‘video consent’, if any, and/or if you might need people to fill out any sort of forms, etc. I often just talk to people, explain to them what the videos are for and how they will be used - e.g. posted on youtube or vimeo or elsewhere.
I am very open to ideas about video documentation and can bring an extra little camera that we can set up in a “thoughts video booth” if there is an appropriate/private room/space for it.

Hi Natalia! I’d like to help with the Urban Game!


Hello Natalia,

Please count me in for the urban games team.
I would be happy to be part of the food team as well, I’d love to prepare a Lebanese dish for you guys but need to guaranty that someone from your side can help me get the right ingredients.


Hello @DeniseJabbour!
Super, I am counting on you to the day 2 and/or Day 3 with the food. (would you like do work on both days or just one of them?) We will see about the recipes once we decide on the catering team, but if you have a brilliant and not too complicated recipe, please estimate quantity of ingredients for around 80 people and send me the details, and I will see what I can do about it;)

About the Urban game, I just received an email stating you’re arriving on the 19th in the afternoon - which is when the game is happening, therefore you won’t be able to help I am afraid.

Anyway, see you there very soon! and thanks for offering your help.

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Hello @natalia_skoczylas

I am so excited to join you during this event :smiley:

I would be happy to join the Photo Team as I have good skills in photography :slight_smile:

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Hello Natalia,

True, after checking your program, I noticed that I will be too late for the Urban Games : ((
I will be very happy to be part of the catering team and cook for both days. I’ll think of some easy recipes and share it with you once done.

@michael_dunn plans to bring equipment for recording podcasts. Don’t know if you want to add that to the photo/video?

Heyhey, I can take on Check in on Day 1 :slight_smile:

I can be in social media team

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I can also do check in on Day 1.

Can anyone help with a bit of design work for the program prints and festival materials?? unfortunately our lovely @susa who did the logos, stickers and first batch of visuals is busy beginning of october…
@owen you are probably swamped, but do you know anyone?

Also ping @DeniseJabbour @MurielAboulrouss @kate_g help!!

Hello :slight_smile: unfortunately I have no idea about designing or the skills and know how to do it :see_no_evil: Forgive me

I’ll ask around for someone free and willing to help with love :heart:

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Hey @natalia_skoczylas , just one quick question, do you have a camera or should I bring mine ? I have a small camera, it is not that professional but it still takes high resolution pictures.

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When do you need it by? Depending on how much there is, I can have it done by Tuesday or Wednesday.

hey @Sohayeb, please bring your camera - I only have a good smartphone :slight_smile: In case someone else brings a camera as well, maybe you can share, but for now I don’t know about that.

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can do.:smiley:

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Happy to join the party team! - Eugenia, School of Apocalypse

@natalia_skoczylas I’m happy to help out with :

  1. check in team one morning
  2. food team on the second day
  3. harvesting team one afternoon

Let me know how and when and I’ll be there < ^ >