Kickstart Lote4 like a true hacker

An Open Invitation to come and hack with makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs in the beautiful city of Matera, in the calm of the unMonastery.

A. If you have a project you are serious about and could use two days of intensive peer to peer help.

This is the final shout out for project applications, so go ahead and send in your own proposal, invite Edgeryders and friends to join you.

B. If you have an urge to help, break and make a project together with peers.

Fellow LOTErs planning a longer trip to Matera, you might want to consider kickstarting Living On The Edge like a true hacker. Register ahead by choosing one of the 3 main hackathon tracks suggested so far here: harnessing wind power using open source tech (exceptionally starts on the 20th!), making a convincing case to funders that unMonastery can offer ROI, or playing with Drupal to improve, our web home. Don’t worry if you change your mind, you will be able to walk in and out of sessions as you please.

See you there!