LOTE4 harmonious hackathon FAQ

How to propose a hackathon track

One: prepare the relevant information

Here’s what we need to know:

  1. Create a profile on Edgeryders (or log in to your existing profile). We insist of each project being led by someone. Your idea, you lead. 
  2. Project title. Describe your project in few words. Don't forget to include a link to a website or github repository if you have one.
  3. Project context. Briefly explain the story behind your project, why it matters to you and what you advancement you would like to make in the hackathon. 
  4. Current understanding. Explain what you know about the problem your project is trying to solve, its effect, what you found, your assumptions, your previous ideas (discarded or best) in a matter of research, experiments and/or observations.
  5. What is sought, what are key requirements of a good solution? Provide some solution constraints (technological, manufacturing, applicability, economic, organizational, cultural, social, politic, etc.) based on your needs. List your questions. What would be criteria for a good solution to your project's challenges?

Two: create the track on the Edgeryders platform

  1. Click here and enter the relevant information in the Title and Body fields
  2. Locate the Behaviours field (near the bottom) and enter "hackathon_track"
  3. Upload a photo or an image through the Event Logo field, it will make your event look better in the program!
  4. Click Save, you're all set. Your session is already shown in the program.

You can check back onto the page of the event you have created to see who has signed up for it.

‘Locate the Behaviours field (near the bottom) and enter “hackathon_track”’

I don’t see the Behaviours field on the linked page, nor the event logo field for the next step. Not sure if it’s a permissions issue, or if I’m looking at the wrong link somehow

I’ve put up the track as a normal task at https://edgeryders.eu/task-3772 – could somebody who knows how please add the hackathon_track behaviour?

Yep, wrong link

But you found & fixed it already. For reference: you created a task, but only events have the “behaviors” field. The link above seems correct for creating events, at least now … maybe somebody corrected it already …