KongressBW Stuttgart 29 - Valentin [EN]

Yeah. Do you think electronics can play a role in making the car industry more sustainable?

Do you mean. You mean like also visibility?

Also electronics. Definition electronics. What could what kind of role can electronics play in a car industry for sustainability?

The most impact I told you to have like visibility. If I am, for example, if I’m sitting in the car and some years before it was like electric car, I could drive like 200km and then it’s over. Nowadays we have like 800km and now you can see it. And I think we human are like, we have to see something to, to like to, to, to, to to understand something. And visibility is also electronics and I can print it on a paper but with digital electronics I can like um yeah I have like just in time I charge my, my car and then there’s like 700km and I and I know it. And then maybe I buy an electric car because I have not a problem with the, with the to reach the destination. Also tell like find like charging points or something like that. I think that’s, that’s a big. Yeah. I don’t have to look on a map to find like charging stations. I have like a display and I can I say okay, I drive to Hamburg and I need like a charging stop and my car tells me where it is.

And what do you think about circular economy in the car industry and electronics?

For most of them, the materials in the car to have like we don’t need leather anymore, I think. So we need like it looks nice and it’s good, but it’s not not our time right now to use like leather or I think you have to use sustainable materials. Um, yeah. To have like a good, good materials, like the for, for example for the, for the battery or something like that. Good materials and also know the process. So like Mercedes-Benz or Daimler they know Mercedes-Benz or BMW. They know okay. They, they like get these materials. But what is behind these materials. What are the people like working there and something like that.

What can the automotive industry do to promote a circular economy? Your meaning?

I think to catch the people, if they catch the people, for example, the people they don’t have like fears of the of of to get to the destination. Because for five years before it was like 200km and more nowadays, like in some cases 1000km with one charging process. And yeah, digitalization, um, marketing also like to use all these for, for example, for the younger people they use like electronics, mobile phone. I have also my mobile phone with me all the time. So if I want to be sustainable as a as a carpet user, I have to like go to the younger people. So they I think they want to change the world. Okay.

Uh, do you currently own a car?


Did you own a car or do you do car sharing?

I have car from my dad because I want to wait to have, like to have, like, electric car with the company. But I’m currently waiting for it. But my father was working for Mercedes-Benz, and then he started again. And now he has, like his startup, with me together.

What kind of car is it? Hybrid or electric?

Electric car. The Eqb Mercedes. Eqb. Yeah. Yes. And we have also like the. I don’t know the word, but the energy from from the sun on the roof. So we can like, charge our, our car. And also also when you ask me for like digitalization, I have like on my mobile phone or on the display for my car, the like the input of the sun. And it’s nice to control and to see which impact is the sun, to my sun, to my my car. So I can charge with my with my sun. My whole car. Cool.

What personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in cars you have used?

So I mostly drive Mercedes, so I have a lot of likes a lot of lot of things to like control to see. Yeah, that’s pretty good. So I think all the manufacturer, the car producer, they have like a whole whole system where they can control something. Okay.

Uh, do you have any concerns about privacy and personal data stored in electronics like GPS or. No, no, not at all.

I think nobody cares where where I am right now if I’m a thief or, like, did something bad, then it’s for the police, It’s good to know, Then it’s for me Bad. But in my case, I don’t have to hide something.

Uh, does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?

Yeah, to recycle is I destroy it and get the materials back. But I can not use 100% and, like, have a retrofit. It’s better. I think so. So I can use it until it’s completely down and then I can recycle it. So I think recycle is the end of the line.