Lab thread

Got some news that CCL is ready to ship us the plasmids within the week, and maybe the organisms. @ritavht has been looking up the stuff for growing up the organisms if they come as a culture. Now there’s also the possibility that we’ll start from the plasmids, so we should prepare for that as well.

Within the week means I’ll be out of action due to medical reasons. We can use this as a strength as I’ll be home all day for sure to receive the samples :wink: . Is anyone up for leading the first rounds of lab work to get going with the plasmids/cultures?

We can use this thread to further coordinate the lab work.

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RE: lab thread

Unfortunately work is consuming all my energy right now (and next week I’m on holiday for half a week), so I won’t be able to coordinate or help with the lab work. But great news that the samples are on their way :slight_smile:

lab thread

I’m available for lab work starting June 26th.

Stupid question

What are the practical differences between dealing with plasmids and dealing with the culture?

plasmids vs culture

The plasmids need to be put in bacteria. Therefor, we have to make bacteria ‘competent’ (= able to take up ‘naked’ DNA) or we need to buy ‘competent’ bacteria. Buying is more expensive but more efficient.


Appreciate that you take the time to explain, @ritavht .


Thanks to @ritavht for making an overview of what we need to get started with the plasmids once they arrive. The list can be found in the Drive here.

It seems we are at about €400 in total, if we buy everything. I know we do have some things in ReaGent to save some costs. Does anyone have spare things lying around?

We can discuss this & more at the meeting next week June 7th (8 pm @ ReaGent).