Let’s film a teaser for the #Futurespotters Workshop! Thursday 28th, 5PM @ Cișmigiu Park

Now this is going to be fun. Short notice… but fun. :slight_smile:

This Thursday we’re meeting for a quick afternoon filming & hangout session that will start at the main entrance of Cișmigiu Park and probably end in Londophone, right next to it.

It’s as uncomplicated as it sounds - we’re filming a 1 minute teaser for the futurespotters workshop (now open for co-design) where each one of us will get a few words’-worth of screen time. The goal is to have a collage of really sincere call to actions for other Bucharest doers to join the workshop.

The weather so far looks promising, but the invitation holds even with clouds, as we’ll have an indoors alternative.


This Thursday the 28th, starting 5PM and up ’til 7PM (videographer can’t stay longer - we certainly can) we’ll be in Cișmigiu Park, taking some awesome shots.

In? Hit the attend button and see you in a couple of days!

Date: 2015-05-28 14:00:00 - 2015-05-28 14:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

Excellent plan!

Hope that I can make it (a bit too early for me) but sounds great!

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Hope you can make it!

We’ll try to stall the person filming for a bit longer - hope as many of you join!

I am in!

Faina idee! Raman si la berea/ceaiul de dupa.


Ne vedem!

Imi place ideea, voi veni si eu, doar ca ajung pe la 17:30.

Ne vedem curand!

Ora intalnirii era 17, corect? Ana, 15:30 ar putea fi cam devreme in cazul asta :slight_smile:

Asa e, corect era 17:30 :))

Asa e, corect era 17:30 :))


Thanks to everyone who came!

Guys, I had a blast and really enjoyed meeting ever new people in Bucharest :slight_smile: The teaser will be in-the-making next week, and I wanted to re-iterate the invitation to all of you to:

  1. send in a logo of your initiative if you want it to appear at the end and especially if you’ve already made up your mind to attend the workshop.

  2. send in your title or your profession if you want it to accompany your name.

@Alex_Stef is collecting those, you can contact her or leave a comment here. She might anyway get in touch.

We’ll also circulate it among ourselves before going live with it.

Until then, please think about who else you think should join us at the workshop and call them in.

We’re collecting stories which could be featured at the event in this thread.

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Uploaded it into vimeo

Lovely video. Uploaded it here too https://vimeo.com/129957913 :slight_smile:

Well done!

I love the video, great great work! Personally, I would have added people’s names (an old Internet trick: make it personal). But even like this, it’s pleasantly lo-rez and inspiring. Way to go!