Workshop under construction (collaborative)

We’ve got quite a diverse local crowd gathering on Edgeryders, guys, so it’s time to start designing a workshop to address the pains we raised when joining Spot the Future. This is a wiki aka a living document, so make changes as you wish.

The workshop will provide an open and supportive setting to speak honestly about our projects obstacles and, most importantly, to learn about ingenious workarounds (hacks) for them. We’re collaboratively designing a solution-oriented workshop.

A. Brainstorming the theme

  1. #Futurespotters Hacking the city 
  2. #Futurespotters Project Hacking for resources: We are each other’s resource.
  3. A marching workshop session powered by the skaters community -idea popped up here. It would be the beginning of a citizen science project and an efficiency mapping exercise assessing a walkable/ bikeable / skateable Bucharest as opposed to driving and public transportation.

Hacking projects in the city can be a unifying narrative because it’s what each one of us is doing in their work - making change happen in alternative ways, through hacks = quick experiments, creative solutions, and constrained resources.

In fact, when asked to share an ongoing challenge, several people clearly mentioned the lack of resources - financial and in manpower too, while others agreed on the value of bringing together a community of peers still largely disconnected.

Bootstrapping is how most of us operate and expertise varies across projects (community management, DIY solutions, graphic design, entrepreneurship, urban development, permaculture etc.). That’s why a workshop that explicitly focuses on resource mapping, pooling and match-making could be the action based format we’re looking for.

As the call to action for the workshop, we’re considering ‘what’s your project’s pain?’ because we want to make it clear that beyond meeting up and socialising, the goal of the workshop is to come up with needs-based workable solutions.

What do you think?

This is a starting point to build on - looking for your input too! Some ways to pitch in:

  • Suggest alternative formats for the workshop: what would bring most value to you? What pains do you think it should address? Other angle for the format?
  • Share the call for stories (below)
  • Suggest alternative call to actions: what would inspire you/ your friends to go “WOW” and join in?
  • Invite fellow city-hackers to join the platform and shape the workshop
  • Join this Thursday’s (May 28th) collective video-making session :) 

B. Dates and location

Date for the workshop: July 9th - 10th

Location: Hanul Gabroveni on Lipscani St., Sala Studio

C. Engagement plan

Hashtags: #Futurespotters #Bucharest #Bucharest2021 add more?

Twitter accounts of those involved: @Edgeryders @Bucharest_2021 @NoemiSalantiu @ladyniasan @heymarie_ro @Babele_co

  • The official call for participation + video teaser is here. Please share!
  • Logos, posters and digital flyers are in progress here. Please help!
  • Call for participation on Medium: Bucharest 2021 on the Edge?
  • Help build collaborations with interesting people and orgs. We would like to join forces with city movements - cultural, activists, advocacy etc to make sure they learn about the opportunity to participate and we don’t miss out on any of the projects happening below the radar. If you know of someone who would enjoy being part of \#futurespotters drop them a line and invite them to introduce themselves or share their story in the project group here (Create a Post).
  • Call for paid blog posts and project stories still open


Shareable call for stories:

UPDATE 1 July: 5 articles were commissioned for this project: Story #1 (Manu), #2, (Iarina) #3 (Ana), #4 (Cosmin) #5 (Irina).

Edgeryders is sourcing stories of hacking the city - write up yours!

Bucharest is a city with more hidden alternative initiatives than we’d expected! Edgeryders - the global community of change-makers working on the edge - is excited to uncover more grassroots innovation in preparation for the #Futurespotters projects hacking workshop, July 9 - 10th.

Got a project that’s making the city a better place, with little resources and lots of ingenuity? Be it related to culture, environment, social, arts, technology and open data, education… we want to publish it on the Edgeryders global blog so the world can learn about local, citizen driven initiatives! Step in and develop an idea into an honest and personal piece of max. 1200 words about your project - pains and obstacles included. If you let us know fast, we could compensate your writing with a small fee (around 50-80 eur).

D. International cavalry arrives!

Working for change in Romania too often happens in isolation, with a feeling that it’s just here where all world’s problems pile up. Not true, and there’s plenty of helpful stories to tell from Edgeryders. We’ll have @Nadia, @Bzdmny and maybe other international Edgeryders joining and facilitating the workshop. The Bucharest newcomers have made quite an impression on the community managers and they want in on the city-hacking, Bucharest-style.

E. Workshop agenda

Available here.

F. Facebook event

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Workshop under construction (collaborative)

Really nice plan!

I try to make it for the video-shooting and I would love to contribute with a story about my future Bucharest. Where should I send it, how long/short should it be and when is the deadline?

sunny days to you all:*

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A paragraph for starters…

Write up an engaging paragraph on what you would like to explore in the article, in a comment below. If it sounds great and fits the hacking theme, then we’ll ask that you develop it into an honest and personal piece of max. 1200 words about your project - pains and obstacles included. If you let us know fast, we even have a small budget for it. - See more at:

… so as to have an idea of the story and get back to you based on that. The call will most likely stay open for a couple of weeks - it will depend on the incoming (rolling) submissions.

Hope to see you Thursday! :slight_smile:

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Examples of articles

I also have some folks in mind in Bucharest which I’d love to invite to write a piece.

As example of insightful stories from Edgeryders I would offer (for inspiration):

Also, guidelines from last year’s Spot the Future in Georgia, Armenia and Egypt are here.

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Check out the workshop we’re running in Cairo

Here’s the event:

Im going to be in Bucharest in July to hang out with you guys, so if you ant to include any of this in the Bucharest workshop I’m happy to oblige.

Insights about funding without money

would be really valuable to many projects, I’d be fantastic to hear your insights on bartering in networks, as I see on the Cairo workshop agenda.

Funding Without Money

Hi, this is an area that I am quite good in. My approach to this is slow but effective. In Athens I spent about a year getting to know people, as many as I could working in very different areas and from all different cultures and countries. I would call this “Taking Inventory” or Auditing. I met hundreds of people and listened. Listening to people is important. Also remembering what they say. When someone say they have an arc welder in their garage that they are not using, remember that, write it down! Then when you meet someone trying to build bike trailers for moving things in the city (for example), you know where to send them. It would also help to meet someone who knows how to weld. If you don’t know anyone who knows how to weld, find them. If you don’t know anyone who know how to do things with their hands, then I suggest changing scenes for a while.

At the time I was auditing, I didn’t know what projects I wanted to do in Athens, but eventually some came ideas came up and when I needed resources, I knew where to ask for them, and who to connect with to get things done. It’s like having an endless bank account, because everyone benefits from these things, especially if they make money. It takes a lot of time, concentration and inspiration, but once you build of network like this, it’s almost like having funding without money.

I could give more examples of this during the workshop?