Let us be united

In past few months, a great disaster struck our nation and destroyed most of our cultural heritages, our buildings. In seconds everything broke down and took lives of many of our brothers and sisters. For a month we were out to the tents in the fields, sleeping on cold ground with fear in each of our hearts. But in this hard time of ours at least as much I know in my hometown we were all united no matter who we are, though we never had talked to each other,  we shared everything that we had, helped each other and were all united. We solved the problem of scarcity of food and water for those few weeks and compromised the things understanding each of our situation. This way at least some of the problems in my hometown were solved when all got united. And in the same way if all the people of the country are united, we can solve the problems no matter how big they are. So let us all be united to reconstruct our nation and solve the problems.

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Just how I felt … but how to keep up the unity?

Hey @salina_maharjan, thank you for your contribution! :slight_smile: I liked it, because it reminded me how I felt the same way after the earthquake … . Through this unity, people have helped each other so much.

If you are interested to dive more into this topic, I have a book tip for you: Rebecca Solnit’s “A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster”. The hundred of reviews of that book that are accessible with the link above are also very interesting, because it’s essentially hundreds of people discussing the same topic that you chose to write about.

My one remaining question is how to make this unity and generosity after disasters permanent. A situation where everyone is generous is just as much sustainable for everyone than a situation where everyone is selfish … in economic terms, both capitalist and gift economy can be sustainable. Just that it’s way easier and more tempting from an individual (cautious and protectionist) perspective to transition from generosity to selfishness and from gift economy to capitalism than the other way round. I believe that’s why this unity does not last long :frowning: Any way how to keep it going that does not involve “permanent disasters”?

how to make unity and generosity after disasters

Hello Matthias, so now i am answering your question. We people often become selfish and forget generosity in that time when we have lots of desires to get different things. It is a human nature to have desires and to fulfill the desires people can do anything and this is what breaks the unity in people or it does not last long.

I want to relate this thing with my life again. In my school we are divided to different groups and every time at least once a week or month we are assigned a project by our teachers. In my class, in the group that i belong too is so good, co-operative and has a great unity. And i am not telling it for sake, it is true that my group has the better unity that other groups. We work together in our group, we all have different views, ideas but our main aim or desire is always welfare of our group. But i can see some other groups fighting and having argument in small things because they all have lots of desires like they want to do less but get bigger reward not for group but for themselves and in the same group there are people who want to work but not too much and not of others part of work. They want their group to win and when group wins that is they also win. But some do not understand that in their groups and no unity.

This is the same in our society there are some people who are in unity though different they are, but others are like they just want themselves to be the winner and not others they all have desires not one but many. This breaks the unity.

But now to rebuild the same unity we had in time of disasters, we need to make people aware that are there desires unwanted, unnecessary or good. We can encourage people by being an example. Like if there is a competition in my school among groups and if my group shows an example of a united and co-operative group and our work is going well, other groups can learn from us and be united and settle down with quarrels. In the same way whole school then other schools, then again communities and at last the country. this may be one way.

Other may be like, starting from myself, adjusting with people and teaching others the same. We can help others to adjust in our groups for unity. We have scout, biggest organization which also teaches to adjust and keep on the unity. So by all these we can maintain the unity and make others aware about importance and benefit of being united. And being human for benefit people can do that. As its a famous saying diamond cuts the diamond, greed cuts the greed. So this way we may maintain or make unity last long.

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Thank you! And remember to get your award :slight_smile:

Dear @salina_maharjan, thank you for taking the time to add these explanations.

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