Let's collect a list of events where we can learn, present what we are doing and invite people to join the Stewardship conversation?

Great stuff, @Hazem! I’ll

Great stuff, @hazem! I’ll make sure I’m there.

I’ll try to be there

I’ve got a few things on that day but I will try to make it too!

last update – 20 :45

ok Berlin people  the final update .

the presentation of edgeryders at emergent  Berlin fest will take place at 20:45 next Saturday.

it’s a short talk (8-10 min ) presentation and the rest of the 15 min is for feedback and questions

the proposed frame work ( it could change that’s only what was sent as a description of the presentation )

What is edgeryders

What’s happening now on the edge ( what’s LOTE4 living on the edge : the stewardship )

How to get involved

Meet up with the UnMonks in Berlin on the 21 August

@danohu I put you as a presenter for the Day - I think it’s ok form the above conversation- I can help preparing the presentation with you ( free tomorrow morning ?)    . anyway if you don’t want to @SamMuirhead  @Dorotea and me will be there .

@elf Pavlik with the new timing I think u can’t make it because of the MKS room ?

Great! I’ll prepare a presentation along those lines, and copying some bits from the videos linked upthread. It sounds like the presentations are outside – given that, it’s probably better to just talk rather than trying to use slides (?).

presentations are indoors

@danohu presentations are indoors , so slides are ok - if needed -

it’s up to you , there would be a projector anyways so everything is possible in the background ( video - slides - the platform - edgesense ) but it has to be short ( 8-10 min)


wanted to thank you @danohu for the effort you made for the presentation .did a good job even with the not working file for the presentation and with a tired audience from a very long day .

it’s really nice to see how different “nodes” in the edgeryders’ “network” get engaged and be part of it  and how all of us see the BIG network a bit different. It’s amazing to see how it goes on expanding without hierarchy.

anyway the berlin nodes are still active with the tour :slight_smile: will you be around in the 21st for the meetup ?

I’ll be there too

I’ll be at the Emergent Berlin too

see you there !


Wow, so many Edgeryders at the conference, it’s going to be little LOTE! Thank you so very much for doing this, guys.



unfortunately I cannot come to Berlin for the presentation but please be so kind and send me the presentation.

Many greetings


Hello Natalia,

you are a bit longer in this Group so please share some Information.

Can give me some good tips.


What do you need to know?

Hey @Justine2020, what kind of tips are you looking for?

BTW, Edgeryders has a way similar to Twitter to involve people in a conversation. It works like this: @Justine2020 @Alberto. More explanations here.

Buon giorno @Alberto

thank you for your comment. I posted some questions few days ago, because I am new to the project.

But maybe the colleges from Berlin will send me the presentation.

  1. Who started to organize the LOTE events? Who were the founders?
  2. What was achieved till now?
  3. What does Stewardship mean?
  4. What is the aim of the LOT4 event?
  5. How many people were at the last LOTE in Matera?
  6. What are the plans for the future?
  7. How people are committed to the project?
  8. Do you get support of any governmental or nongovernmental institutions?


Some answers are in the FAQs. The others:

  1. The founders were, I guess, people that started Edgeryders when it was still a Council of Europe project (more on this). The project started with @Nadia, @Noemi and myself and radiated out from there. But by the time of LOTE1 many people who are active in the community now were already on board.

  2. We managed to build a very radical, high energy event format. Things get done: several community projects started as sessions at LOTE events, including the unMonastery and Edgeryders-the-company itself. But in general, we are not trying to achieve anything except stay in touch: the value, what helps us advance our projects, is in the community, not in the event. The event is simply a way to touch base, start new projects, make alliances… Also, we built autonomy: LOTE1 was heavily funded by the Council of Europe, LOTE2 was community driven but with a bit of money by the COE, LOTE3 was completely autonomous (though Comitato Matera 2019 gave us a building and connectivity), LOTE4 has again a bit of money raised by the company and community.

  3. About 100.

  4. Survive. Help each other. Reduce dependencies. Have fun.

  5. I don’t understand the question. If you mean “How many people…” look here. We expect many more to come.

  6. So far, the only institutional support for LOTE4 is from Comitato Matera 2019. We are negotiating some extra support.

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Thank you Alberto. It will be very helpful.

The unusual suspects festival

Anyone going to be there? I see there’s tons of (informal) workshops to choose from…

The Unusual Suspects Festival

Yes - I’m down to speak on Friday September 5th at an event connected to this which will take place 12-3PM at Toynbee Hall, nr Aldgate East tube. I’m down to talk about data and data coops as things stand…although, I await a final brief from Locality colleagues who are partners.

Voice & Matter, Roskilde 17-20 September

This might be of interest: http://voiceandmatter.net/

Here is the programme: http://voiceandmatter.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/voiceandmatter_programme.pdf

I will be there for sure on the 18th and 19th. Let me know if you are going - it would be great to meet more Edgeryders AFK. So far, I have only met @nadia! :slight_smile:

All the best from Cape Town!

Promo slide for Lote4

Hi guys, if you are speaking and have a bit of space to squeeze in a sentence or two about Living on the Edge : Edgeryders 4th anuual community event, this year themed on Stewardship, here is a slide you could use, as per @CommonFutures's request.

Let me know if it works…

Some other social media avatars and headers can be found here.

Late but still…

Here’s one that is over already (was Sep. 29th 2014). But my impression is that outside the Ouishare some of the francophone connections can be hard to come by. And I wanted to address one of the open tasks, at least a little bit.

Participants can be found here.