Let's collect a list of events where we can learn, present what we are doing and invite people to join the Stewardship conversation?

This conference takes place in Barcelona on October 8: http://research.ac.upc.edu/CNBuB2014/index.html

Know of other events? Add a comment below!

Want to present what we do but don’t know how to describe it? See comments below for suggestions!

EcoWeek London, 14-21 September

anyone going?

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Berlin, 5-13 September. An exhibition of alternative living projects. Here’s a participant, list, unfortunately just in German: http://experimentdays.de/2014/wohnprojektborse-teilnehmer/

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let’s coordinate

Hey @danohu I just started an internship with ID22 working on experiment days so let’s coordinate

@Hazem: excellent!!

@hazem: excellent!!

I actually know nothing about experiment days, other than having seen it online. I’m also not sure if I’ll be in Berlin during the event.

So as much as you’re willing, it’d be great for you to take charge of this ;). e.g. figure out if there is some opportunity for us to make a short presentation? Or at a minimum, to leave out some materials about edgeryders?

We can also meet in person: I’m in Berlin, and free daytime all this week (except friday)


@danohu , sure

a collection of case studies could be helpful from the experiment days side , still working on that . and yes we can meet before emergent berlin so we can coordinate the berlin happenings :slight_smile:


It’s a tech event, but one whose participants seem pretty close to the edgeryders mindset*. I’ll be attending – there will probably be some opportunity to briefly present LOTE, provided somebody tells me what to say :confused:

  • disclaimer: since I’m only peripherally involved in either group, I may be entirely wrong here

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Well done!

I like your style, @danohu, you’ll fit right in. What sort of information would you like to have about LOTE4? @SamMuirhead had made a nice video on LOTE3, but I can’t seem to find the link anymore… Sam, can you help us here?

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So I guess I don’t actually need anything – in theory, the info on this website should be enough to understand/explain LOTE4 and edgeryders.  That said, any particularly recommended examples of “how to present edgryders/LOTE to outsiders” would be helpful – videos, talking points, press releases.

Also if there are any pitfalls to avoid – I don’t think it applies here, but sometimes there are things you need to avoid saying, e.g. for legal reasons or because they are contentious in the community.

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Really good point

That’s a really good point. There is no legal problem or pitfalls, thank goodness, but it is difficult to explain Edgeryders to the people that stand on the outside. Decentralized, emergent dynamics don’t make intuitive sense to the ape brain – and ape brain is all we got. So you are likely to find yourself in a situation of Crowdsorcerers vs. Muggles. “Wait – you mean no one is in charge of the program?” “It’s more like everyone’s in charge.” “But what if people deface your whole program filling it with vile and stupid things?” “Why would they do that? It’s their conference too. Plus, if someone did put in something stupid, people would just ignore it, and the person would perform its stupid act on her own, while everyone else is off doing something interesting.” We’ve all  been there. Every sufficiently advanced community management technique is indistinguishable from magic.

Here is one of my better attempts at explaining Edgeryders. Money quote:

We [are] the skunkworks of the global society, the Foreign Legion of social innovation, the people that have little to lose, and so can afford to go to the ugliest places and take on the scariest work.

I recommend you also consider showing videos. I recommend this playlist for the unMonastery. Personal picks:



Thank you

Thanks for this. It is very useful .  I just found out about an event in October called Idea Festival. Its in Louisville, Kentucky.


One of the programmers emailed me about showing my short film there in October and I checked out their website (having no prior knowledge of the event) and immediately thought of EdgeRyders and that it might be a place where participants from Idea Festival would benefit and be a benefit to the work we are doing.

Any thoughts? I know its happening September 30-Oct 3rd. I think I will be in Oaxaca Oct 1-5 for a film festival, so I don’t know that I will attend, but thought it might be a good place to share information about Edgeryders.

One more thing

And let us know how it goes!

Plus: can I ask you to add some basic info to your profile? It feels kind of awkward to be speaking to a generic avatar… :wink:

here it is

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emergent berlin fest

Emergent Berlin Fest

but it’s happening next Saturday and the schedule is already done. I am meeting Scott form the Baumhaus today may be try to squeeze a part for Edgeryders LOTE . It could be useful as it is before the meetup.

can someone from Berlin be able to show up at this event ?

@SamMuirhead @danohu @elf Pavlik

Yes, I’ll be there, though probably not for the whole day.

we are on Emergent Berlin

ok it’s now [official] we have a spot for a short presentation  (10  min ) about Edgeryders and LOTE4 , it would be probably around 7 pm .

we can tell what’s edgeryders , what’s happening now (lote4) , how to get involved and a hint for the meet up and the hackathon .

so who’s from Berlin can make it ? @SamMuirhead @elf Pavlik @Dorotea ?

@danohu will be there around that time , will post the exact time when it’s confirmed

Great stuff, @Hazem! I’ll

Great stuff, @hazem! I’ll make sure I’m there.

I’ll try to be there

I’ve got a few things on that day but I will try to make it too!

last update – 20 :45

ok Berlin people  the final update .

the presentation of edgeryders at emergent  Berlin fest will take place at 20:45 next Saturday.

it’s a short talk (8-10 min ) presentation and the rest of the 15 min is for feedback and questions

the proposed frame work ( it could change that’s only what was sent as a description of the presentation )

What is edgeryders

What’s happening now on the edge ( what’s LOTE4 living on the edge : the stewardship )

How to get involved

Meet up with the UnMonks in Berlin on the 21 August

@danohu I put you as a presenter for the Day - I think it’s ok form the above conversation- I can help preparing the presentation with you ( free tomorrow morning ?)    . anyway if you don’t want to @SamMuirhead  @Dorotea and me will be there .

@elf Pavlik with the new timing I think u can’t make it because of the MKS room ?