Let's give it up for all who made LOTE3 awesome

The list of all the people who made our third community gathering Living on the Edge incredible is neverending… Edgeryders community members, unMonasterians, Materani, everyone gave a hand when needed and we all went out of our way to build ourselves an awesome event. Let’s give it a moment to recall all the gifts and show love where love is due. THANK YOU all for an incredible collective effort!

(in no particular order, please add anyone you think should be in there…!)

  • @dorotea and @auli for tech tevelopment & creating the Lote3 online workspace & miniwebsite

  • @caroline, @pacheca, @tiago for the beautiful visuals

  • @vidrij_da and @mishek for warm guidance all the way, even though they didn’t make it to Matera.

  • @sam_muirhead for getting key LOTE moments & participants on video

  • @valentinabrogna and @immaginoteca for luring us into pasta-making

  • @k for strong voicing cleanup rules in the unMonastery

  • @ritao for pulling strings and getting things done at superspeed; @ilariadauria, Comitato Matera 2019 and web team for facilitation, bridge building and/or logistical support

  • Paolo Verri and @rossellatarantino of Comitato Matera 2019 for putting their considerable influence behind making the unMonastery viable in time for the conference

  • the City of Matera, Sviluppo Basilicata, Casa Netural, Le Fucine dell’ ECO for warm welcome

  • @antonioelettrico, @luigialberto and all the MIMERS for works at the unMonastery

  • @iamronen for initiation into yoga practice on the edge

  • @elf_pavlik, @bembo_davies and everyone who facilitated events, tours, social meals where we could get closer to Matera and its people

  • @ramonab for feeding all 70+ of us. every day!

  • @piersoft, @matthias & @raffapontra for making sure wi fi was up and running

  • @zoescope for leading the design of unMon clothing; and Officine Frida (particularly Mariella and Marilena) for hosting her workshop and letting us use the coolest sewing machines ever.

  • @marilena for welcoming us at her place in Gravina

  • the people of Matera: our hosts and couchsurfers, pasta makers, those who joined for unHalloween, those who cooked for us, those who wrote about Lote3 … special thanks to Piero

  • the anonymous @LOTEwaterbot for nudging us into staying hydrated throughout the event

  • everyone who took the time to lead or facilitate a session, the unsung heroes of documentation (you know who you are!) and care for constructive conversations, we learned so much!!

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Thank you <3

Big Thank you to All :slight_smile: <3

Alberto Cottica, Rossella Tarantino and Paolo Verri

Alberto for connecting Edgeryders to the Commitato 2019, Paolo and Rossella for getting behind the initiative.

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Hey, Noemi! Thanx. Big thanx to u.

By the way, whats the story with people standing around showing some sort of angle brackets with their fingers? Does it mean they just done cleaning? Good.

yes… what’s the story ? :slight_smile:

looks intriguing … :slight_smile:

oh, we’re showing off the edges in Living on the Edge

…kind of like greeting each other and the world through a LOTE sign :-)


It means connect. Fingers are edges and palms are nodes… whatever. It’s supposed to look like a small network :slight_smile:

small network?

I think next time we need a picture of us playing an infinite game of twister.


Looking at the zen look of [Matthias] I thought it was some kind of unMonk meditation ritual :slight_smile:

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Definetely Alberto…

… for being patient, uncompromising and generous with Matera and Basilicata as a whole. For not speaking about innovation but actually making it happen by injecting tools and resources into our territory.

Thank you Edgeryders, for accepting to come to this unexpected place called Matera, and respecting every piece of it, beyond the poor local participation, beyond the difficulties. Thank you for seeing the magic beyond reality, and for making it happen.

Thank you, Noemi, for being such a present, constant and committed community manager, both offline and online.

Thank you, Nadia, for your flamboyant, fiery personality which doesn’t trade professionality with passion.

Thank you, Bembo, for organizing “Le voci del Tufo” and allowing local stories to be shared amongst Edgeryders and enabling Materani to contribute to the LOTE3 in their own manner.

Thank you, Rita and Antonio, for going bezerk running around your ass between many chairs and not sending us to hell when we were pushing stuff online and you guys had to make for it offline. This is a note to be tackled: balancing online project designing with offline implementation :slight_smile: Let unMonastery be the place for it too :slight_smile:

thank you Ida for your precious sense of humour, your linking Potenza to Matera and your meters of knitting done collaboratevely in Potenza!

Thank you Ben, for thinking the unMonastery up and going from practical issues to speculative sessions: and thank you for wanting this to happen in Matera and enabling the process with such respect for local dimension.

Thank you David for your cutting-edge vision of things: not sure we will be able to translate this into Italian and common language, but it stays right here!

Thank you Giuseppe (from Profumo di Svolta) and Giuseppe (from Altamura) for wanting to be here although they live abroad and coping with the unSchedule of the LOTE3.

Thank you to Sergio il Vagabondo who shared and hosted 2 fellow Edgeryders. Same to Antonia Dartizio. A special thank you to them, really.

Thank you to the french OuiShare group and Rémy for the long discussions on collaborative economy and the risks of going too theoric.

I could go on forever like this, there are so many memories.

I guess I feel like sending out a personal thank you to Edgeryders for making me get to know so many incredible creatures and making me feel uselful and less lonely :slight_smile:

As someone I know would say: “facciamoci un bell’applauso”. And let’s keep working :slight_smile:

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Yes, special thanks to Sergio Fadini!

It really made a Big difference staying at his place. I feel very lucky.

Sergio is a very special person!

It was a real pleasure to have met him. ;- )

Did anybody mention Pio the geologist?