LGBTQ in Serbia

Bearing in mind that Serbia is extremely patriarchal country that many many people primarily uneducated, ignorant, limited by dogma, the church has a strong influence, the police is on the side who persecute LGBTQ, laws are not adopted nor respected, even the media are not friendly.

Being different in any sense means to be condemned, discriminated against, rejected. Like it is not enough that we have to deal with our demons and problems, and that’s not enough, we have to fight with the rest of the world. And what is worse it is futile struggle, doomed to fail.

I’m not a member of   LGBTQ, I can not imagine what is happening in their soul, I believe it’s scary and it’s hard, extremely hard.  I am someone who looks soul who hears the words and I really am not interested in anything else, really can not understand why anyone would be bother by LGBTQ, I ask why?

We are free, to do what we want, right? So why, Some give themselves the right to determine how we should behave, what to eat, who to love, how to dress, to be socially acceptable, and why we shoud care about their opinion. Unfortunately these moralists are the majority in our country, fake moralists who point out other people’s mistakes to cover up their own, chasing people only that they would not be marginalized, persecution, condemn so they would not be convicted, these are people who also suffer, but they damage others and society as a whole, ALL of that can be cured.

First, people need to understand that we are all different, but equal, we all have the right and that nobody has the right to endangers or give us verdict how we’re going to live, that everyone should be looking at themselves and their own life, to solve their problems and  not to care about other people’s problems.

tell me how wedding and adoption of a child endanger other families, how sex change threatens others, or dresses  make  someone uncomfortable ???

Imagine pain of  LGBTQ and you, with your limited minds consider them ill and reject them and persecute, torture and abuse

Our society have to change from the root, I regret and I am ashamed because I live in such society and  that situation is not changing

We have to change family, education, political estambilsmenta, police,

the mind is like a parachute works only when it is open

it is easier to break an atom than a prejudice

We need to do the impossible

I believe that we can, step by step, it will not be easy,but we simply have to change everything , this is not a life and it is not worth to live like that


Hello @Branislava , welcome from me too.

This is a pretty tough issue. I am no expert on Slavic cultures (I myself am from Italy) but we do hear that women and minorities have a harder time as you go farther East.

It is also a very important issue. For human rights, for a better economy, for plain human decency.

Have you got any idea of where to start? I know that there are many players looking at the problem, and there is money available for people who can make a credible case that they have a solution. I think Edgeryders might be prepared to help a bit… but you would need to come up with an idea, even a sketchy one.

Rainbows in Ireland

Hi @Branislava. Here in Ireland last year we had a refferendum on gay marriage and it is now permitted by law. We too were dominated by church, but things do change. The third level education system is pretty good here. Recently Teach Solas resource centre got up and running. I wasn’t involved myself apart from enjoying the parades and voting on the referendum. I don’t think the journey was easy, but attitudes have changed greatly here. I hope that change can spread. I will ask them a bit more about their journey, maybe there are clues as to how? and where to start? One thing I remember is that the rainbow was used very strongly during campaigning.

how? fishing for ideas

Thank you for suggestions @Bernard I’m glad to hear that things are really changing for the better and that has a lot of positive and good examples

What do you think about interactive workshops, psychologists, educators and sociologists playing with children so they can  adopt essential ideas that no one should mistreat them, that they should report any form of violence, when they grow up won`t allowe bad behavior in the name of love, oppression or degrading treatment from society or be abuse and suffer because they are poor?

To organize webinars women can follow from home, or work,( as you know usually bullies isolated them from the world and friends) to obtain information, entrusted to others, sometimes it’s a shame to talk with a close  people and somewhat easier to turn to strangers…

To organize workshops and lecturers to train women practical skills , make fund for scholarship to help women to get education,  improve skills in order to obtain job easier, economically become independent, or  learn how they can work from home

To organize support groups in the villages because  as well as smaller cities, seminars, give practical advice, different topics, famous and successful people can tell their stories of how they achieved success, to have overcome its crisis…

Right track.

They sound like great ideas. Having professionals work with and educate kids and adults about equality, fairness, stereotyping, prejudice, scapegoating, gaslighting, etc is always a good thing. Workshops can be good if they are welcomed to a place and there is a strong willingness for them to happen.

Getting these important subjects onto school curriculums would be a very good outcome. I created an app in 2001 “Seeing Sense” that became part of the curriculum in the schools in Northern Ireland, when working with Mark Willett Design Associates. It was a usefull educational tool, but education is just a part of the solution. Changing attitudes and culture takes more. As you’ve said organising and getting the conversation going at a community level is key, and getting famous/successful people to champion the cause would be a big help. And professional counselling service for individuals effected by these issues would help straight away, and also would be usefull along the journey as yet unknown challeges will surely appear.