Life in Witness

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The culture of the Witness has passed through several stages and varies between its distrikts.
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Witness is a multi-cultural melting pot with a multiplicity of social contracts and systems of thought. Economics isn't the only force that shapes our behaviors: throughout Witness, various philosophies and practices exist that let people grapple with their realities.

To get a glimpse of how the people of Witness look to understand their world, especially beliefs around death, hop on over to its rituals and religions.

To understand how the scholars of Witness approach knowledge and their own bouns, sink into the epistemic science of aethnography - a multidisciplinary movement that seeks to wed theory, practice and lived experiences for a more inclusionary ways of thinking about the world.

To explore the rising new cult that teaches decision-making from economic theory, practice the art of Risk Bushido. This former fringe philosophy has now grown into the new face of a movement that teaches antifragility and resilience in business and in life.

@yudhanjaya, this is the landing page that is currently the root menu page for Aethnography, Religion and Risk Bushido. Want to have a stab at it?

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