List of Single Template Pages + Forms in order of priority

We need to produce a number of standalone web pages that follow a simple/common template, text + form. You can think of them as campaign pages; each one acts as an invitation for people to do something (leave a comment, or sign up to activity etc). To make it easy for the person to act on the invitation, each one has a form that people fill in so they can act then and there without having to follow complex instructions/risk getting lost in the process.

The work of producing the pages takes place in three steps that happens in parallel:

  • Set up as many pages as needed, and for each make sure the settings of each page, sends the results of the form embedded in it to the right place (so we can find and act on them)
  • Produce copy and visuals for the different pages
  • Transfer the copy and visuals for each respective page into the the right place

TO DO by 10/6/2020:

Get single landing pages up
5 page for Event invitations ( we have five of them to announce at the same time: How can regions and cities work at a local level to ensure the national health and social care system can better respond to crises? - #12 by noemi, Sneak Peek: Covid19 + Resilient Livelihoods: An Online Summit, Summit #2: Supporting the recovery of the Co-working sector, POPREBEL event in Polish, Scifi Economics Event )
1 page for a newsletter (we only need one as it is updated on a weekly basis) - for June 4th
3 pages for featured Posts (one dedicated to each projects - we have 3 running at the same time)
7 pages for the company minisite: Start Page

  • Make sure all the pages that are linked to from the start site, as well as from each of the landing pages are tagged the right way.

In Parallel

1. Pages (each one has a form embedded in it - chosed from the forms options described in section 2 further below)

  • The template for a standard landing page looks like this: Edgeryders
  • The way you set up a new page (and form) using the template is:… @hugi: do we have an explanation/description for this that works for non-tech people?
  • Where do the answers from the form embedded in each page go? How can you define/change this?
    @owen or @nirgal I think you are best placed answer this?
  • The way the contents of your page is edited is by changing the code on a page that looks like this: Campaign Template [Single]

1.1 Event/ Activity Invitation

  • Coworking Event ( content provided by Rowena)
  • Healthcare event (content provided by Nadia, Wolya)
  • Resilient livelihoods (Food)
  • Resilient Livelihoods ( Deep green)
  • Scifi Economics Series

1.2 Featured Post/ Conversation

1.3 Our People

1.4 Weekly Newsletter

1.5 Work with us/ What you can do with the Edgeryders organisation

2. Forms

Information about forms styling: Forms: Styling

2.1 Participate in Event I

2.2 Add yourself to our mailing list/ telegram/signal channel

  • Answers will go to: (Comments to the event post?)
  • Default questions:
  • Answers will go to: (Closed category on platform)

2.3 Join the conversation ( comment + join community)

  • Default questions:
  • Answers will go to: Comment on original post on

2.4 Add yourself or your organisation

At a later time: the questions and answers or 2.4 will be displayed the same way as they are on page or


@nadia do we have already some texts for this pages?

@nadia same question here, what is the content to be uploaded for this page?

@nadia @owen
I’ve made four Events Page, for the ones I have some text info to copy:

Event 1:

Event 2:

Event 3:

Event 4:

Event 5:

Newsletter Page:

What I don’t get still is how can I see them up on ?

I continue now with preparing texts from Start Page

hi Kaja, thanks for this

Its like this you add topic number

So for; Event: Reorganising the provision of goods & services to secure livelihoods. Focus Healthcare

It should be

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yes @ja66er has put them together here: Event Landing page: Polish

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Every week, @lroddy publishes a post like this one in the campfire: Information overload: How can we interpret a world in chaos?

The contents of the most recent newsletter are to be copy pasted onto the newsletter campaign page. @lroddy it would be helpful if you could alert Kaja every time you post a newsletter onto the platform?


Thanks Nadia for the explanation. I’ve tried that, but it was not loading at all so I thought it must be something I don’t know. For the moment when I open this - Edgeryders I see only blank page. @owen is there something wrong how I copied the stuff?

Great! Thanks :slight_smile: I do that first thing in the morning tomorrow (no brain for looking at the screen any more today).

I still have the problem of seeing only blank page on for the ones I’ve created yesterday, the one in Polish from this morning I can see, but there are some bugs. @owen ?

maybe @hugi can help see what’s wrong? He knows the markup well

@nadia where can I find the text info to be put on this page? Thanks!

@estragon I think is more or less ready with the video trailer for that event so you can upload it too?

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Could you link me to the templates and the corresponding pages?

they’re here: List of Single Template Pages + Forms in order of priority - #5 by kajafarszky

And below in comments, you can find the ones I’ve created (copied the text info).

ansewered :point_up_2:t5:

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Okay, but which are the ones that are causing problems?

Event Page 1:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 2:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 3:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders

Event Page 4:
written template here
on live: Edgeryders
(this one is visible, all the others I see only blank page on live)

Newsletter Page:
written template here
on live - Edgeryders

It might be something I copied wrong, but I don’t manage to see what. (first time doing it :grimacing:).