Long form ethnography report - final draft

Ta-daam! Here is the final draft of the STF ethnography. Please give me all the feedback possible. My main question/request: can someone recommend a good vizualisation tool for beginners that I could turn this 30+ page thing into something more people-friendly?

Also, the final final version will be proofread. This one wasn’t.

file_fid:3255 -

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On it

As for visualization: the way I did the network one was using Keynote. But the main tricks were:

  • have great visuals (easy – networks are beautiful)
  • rewrite the whole thing stripping it to the bare bones.

I am working on stripping it to the bone. but I am not comfortable in my skills in using vizualizations. @ericnbarrett, maybe you could suggest me something?

Can I have an editable document?

PDF is just too cumbersome…

deadline when?

I’ll probably be able to take a better look at this tomorrow or monday, when do you need to have some comments?

Monday is fine

The whole thing needs to be delivered by July 30th. I aim to have a final draft (much shorter, visually more pleasant in the vein of the network report) by Wednesday 23.

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Migrate to a shared document

I am reading the report. We need to have an fair amount of discussion on it. So please, Inga, let’s migrate to a share document. Instructions to follow by private email.

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Shared google doc


2 dogs to take care of…

sorry guys, my friend asked me saturday to take care of her dog as well, and as a result was more busy trying to get the pups to be tired so they wouldnt kill each other at home… I could still have a look at it later today if thats not too late?

1 report ? 2 reports?

Hi guys, I’m also reviewing it today, commenting, fixing typos etc

So I understand we will have 2 outputs, correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. the full report turned in to UNDP and published online in a nice format? this means we do pay attention to font, formatting (consistency with quotes etc), and references - I could also help add the posts where the quotes are taken from?

  2. the summary which will be more visual, care of @Alberto.

If you only plan to have the 2. visual one with excerpts or main ideas than it’s pointless to review formulations & formatting. let me know

What does everybody think?

Very good question. Pulling off the short one is quite difficult, so I am doing some cleanup to help myself focus. Can anyone extract a 1000 words summary in bullet points, that we could put in a 12-15 slides report (with half of each slide dedicated to a visual)?

I can do it

Will upload it as a .odt file this evening. Does it mean then that I do not have to worry about the vizualization and focus on proper formatting of the long report, update it according to the comments and get it proofread?

Yes, do focus on the long form, please.

hope it will be helpful

bullet points.odt

post’s languages wasn’t mentioned ?

the no of posts in Arabic , Armenian and Georgian wasn’t mentioned . I remember @Inga mentioned an updated no in Tbilisi ( as the post in the link was before the Armenian posts )

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