Looking to share my skills...but how and where?

This is about the logistics and practicality of skill sharing and best practice - examples of how things work or don’t work are all valid.

Sometimes a pair of hands are more useful than a gigabit connection.

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Hi @paultheotherone, a slightly delayed welcome to the community! You joined during the times of our openvillage festival - so a lot of edgeryders were in full mode offline conversations, in Brussels.
My name is Noemi, a community manager and all-things-needed performer around here. About social and health care- which is a topic we’ve been discussing about for two years now - I wrote my personal experience here.

You can add your short bio in your user profile (see mine as an example), but in order for others to be able to interact with you it’s better if you post in OpenCare - just hit Add Topic on the right. Dont hesitate to let people know what brings you by, what you hope to find around here. There’s a lot of conversations but now I wouldnt know where to point you to :slight_smile:

Hi there
Thanks for the welcome.I started this topic as I’m somewhat confused and
on the edges of a lot of conversations here - as an IT trainer I’m
really interested in delivery and front line work in the Opencare space,
but yet to find a suitable avenue or discussion to add anything
meaningful to.
Heere’s to a fruitful relationship!