LOTE 3 equipments: what's the use?

I think it’s time to create a list of equipments and space requirements necessary to fulfill the demands: we still have time, indeed, but particular needs might take some days!

Space organization:

  • reception and information desk –> can we imagine that the Palazzotto del Casale, sede MT2019 is the reception and information desk? I’ll ask! Now that the unMonastery building will be all set, meeting point there, with possibility to hold the reception in the courtyard which fits all 100+ participants and guests.

  • press room –> this is only for the press conference? Not only: I think that, beyond the conference, we should reserve a space (even small) for our media communication team

  • rooms for working sessions: 4 available in the unMonastery + 3 in the other building. Check out plan

  • unDojo: smallish, intimate, rather spiritualized lounge. read more

  • what more?


  • microphones

  • screens

  • projectors

  • sockets and cord extensions

  • foldable chairs

  • plates, cups, cutlery

  • paper, post-it, pens

  • 3 whiteboards or flipcharts + markers

  • cushions borrowed from Casa Netural

  • CD player

  • a blackboard + chalk if possible


  • PR pack (we could also use Pen Drive for multimedia materials)

  • flyers

  • banners (at least one at the Venue)

  • printings, floor circles

  • badges?

  • more?

I’m surely missing lots of things and maybe someone is already at work! Waiting for answers!


If at all possible, I would like to have whiteboards and markers. I was thinking three, one in each session room. Ideally we would borrow them… what do you think?

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good point

Ok Alberto!!! Whiteboards or flipcharts? We could retain the sheets for further reflections. Or not?

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Borrow yoga mats?

Maybe there’s some yoga studios in town which could lend us roughly 10 mats? We’ll need them for 4-5 days though…

And in general perhaps we should consider blankets if we keep mentioning increased humidity?

+1 for media team room or a corner, well thought!

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better yet

maybe we could “borrow” a yoga studio for 4 or 5 mornings?

maybe in exchange we could offer a few places to the studio/local community to participate in this “mini-course”?

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hi [iamronen] about mats: the MT2019 Commitee  will lend about 10 cushions 1m wide and 1.60 m long, with a thickness of approximately 10 cm: do you think they could work for your yoga session? they’re non properly clean (they’ve already been used to seat on the ground ) but maybe those participants who won’t be able to take their own mat could use them with some sheet. Or not?

depends on the venue

thank you for this [rita-orlando]. these cushions may be useful for sitting (which we will be doing too) but I’m not sure how useful they’ll be for practice. Unless you are shorter than 1.60 you, when you are lying down you are going to have some part of your body hanging off a 10cm “cliff”.

Do you know where will be practicing?

If we are on a wooden floor in a properly heated space then mats are not important. It is perfectly fine to practice on the floor. People can bring a sheet/towel/shawl/fleece blanket to spread out if they want to have a slightly more defined and softer space.

If we are on a hard and potentially cool floor then carpets should be fine … and then again people can place on the carpet an optional shhet/towel/shawl/fleece blanket.

From my experience it would be also be useful to have regular chairs for seated practices (short meditations/breathing practices) - because for some people sitting on the floor is not supportive.

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materials for uniform project

(with 20 participants)

  • 2/3 sewing machines + threads and needles

  • 10 soft meters

  • 10 scissors

  • cotton textile for prototyping - remnants are also good. (in total of max 5 meters)

  • writeboard + marker

  • projector

  • post-it

  • iron (useful but not necessary)

Participants should bring: paper for sketching, pencil

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Participants need to get involved

Hi Zoe!

Thanks for the update. Looking at the materials needed, I would say that we should send out a post to participants involved and tell them they have to bring this stuff.

Any ideas for the sowing machines?

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