unDojo - a co-Design and co-Being Space


The unDojo  

LOTE will be full of talk about human doing. With the unDojo, we balance the scale by providing a space for the human being. The unDojo is the Yin to LOTE’s Yang.

The unDojo is where people come to be connected; to themselves, to each other, to the community that hosts them, and to nature.

It is a space where time slows down, a space of tranquillity and peace.

It is a space where people withdraw to when they want to breathe, let their experience at LOTE sink in, and when they want to share and develop the insights that emerge.

It is a space in balance – between introversion and extroversion – between reaching in to yourself and out to your fellow beings. It is a space of balance of body and mind.

You come to one side of the space to connect to yourself, to rest, center, and align with your purpose. You sit down in silence, with a cup of tea, in meditation, or you participate in the practice of yoga.

You come to the other side of the space to reach out to other beings, to listen to their stories and share your own, to laugh together, and share inspiration. You share your tea, connect physically through well-being exercises and play, or mentally through one-on-one workshops and collaboration.

We haven’t found this space yet; it may be inside or out in the open, in the middle of the city or surrounded by nature. But the welcoming committee will try and find it. We will arrive ahead of time and do our best to make sure the unDojo is available and prepared to welcome the full extent of every human being arriving at LOTE.

Contributions of any kind will be cherished - whether you wish to share your passion for the yogic arts, know a potential location, or have some spare pillows or yoga mats. Together, we will transform these scattered bits and pieces to a space of significance - the unDojo.

The unDojo is a creative commons project - feel free to modify this wiki.

Draft text by (cc by-sa)  [havartu] – Ambassador of Counterbalance.

Project and an ongoing session proposal (cc by-sa) [mishek], [ @Dorotea ] - Atmosphere Choreographer, and [Vidrij Da].

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Track 3 maybe?

[Dorotea], as we try to make the program come together it would be helpful for sessions to be assigned to only one track each. How do we suggest we treat unDojo and unDojo activities? Both are listed for track 1 and track 3. Are they two separate events or is one an online workspace for the other?

Yes the unConference please

The way the program looks know, most Track1 is full - meaning the unDojo would be great if it were happening during the weekend, thanks for the proposal guys…!

unDojo is supposed to be a space to host specific ‘tracks’

unDojo is supposed to be a space to host specific kinds of tracks,

its more about the space than the tracks,

we ware thinking to make it an ‘ongoing track’ all the meeting

there is a lot of upSkilling and then unConference kind of activities

for example we would like to host there as an ongoing tracks

  1. how to make meaningful projects happen

  2. and how do we care better for each other

  3. 1-on-1 mini-workshops

so unDojo is not a scheduled time frame, but more an ongoing track all the meeting,

and a space to reflect and rest and have a tea,

this is our proposal.

unDoJo : the most unMo of unMo spaces - special requirements?

Doro: I like your precise English: “this is our proposal”. You already talk like an unMonk

( we haven’t yet discussed the exisitence of gender in our consciousness - Does it exist? Is it valuable?

If not, should we eliminate it? Will it bite back? is unNun a more beautiful word ? )

The Track think was established early in the LOTE#3 concept – I think it may be an extension of the previous LOTEs rather than a design precipitated for the specifics of the unMo Fertilisation Feast.  The concrete repercussion is that we needs be clear that unDoJo is a major yet seperate centre of the LOTE flow and that it shall require a specific sort of space.

I take it from Rita’s recent posts that some of the Palazzo del Casale site(?)  may be available; as the location a Ritual of Conscious Firsts it could be inserted there.  This might be ideal and something that we once talked of long ago about separating the ER functions of the LOTE from the unMo development work.   If not, we will either be an extra burden upon those looking for space - or the grateful inhabitors of a space that was available but refused by everyone else.  It is also possible that either as a compromise or by preference, the unDoJo is the location for some of the Track 2 gatherings.  I’m off on a job tomorrow morning, so I’ll come late if at all to the collective call.  Can you get this discussed in a manner that acknowledges that it is probably chaotic on the floor right about now.

Rita has posted to something from Ronem about 12 matresses that sound more useful for the unDoJo than for a conventional yoga training.  I suspect that it is unlikely that the wooden floor he wants will show up.   I’ve diplomatically tried to generate discussion about if yoga is indeed the best form of visceral connection practice for Matera, and fear that Iamronen’s plan may be a bit too ambitious for ERers.  Of course Kathleen and others have already registered her enthusiasm for reflective meditation, but I’d preffer something more active.  I don’t know if anyone else has come forward: I’ve sent word to Pietro about Tai Chi Chuan, and Sabrina about Qi Gong, both forms present themselves as more unMonkish.  I could always be pressed into designing these sessions - although I’m trying not to spread myself too thin.    I have written a draft chant for this exercise time: 

We cannot know yet.

Until that time, let us get lost in the Matera streets.

The walls will hold us honest.
Look your mistakes in the face.

Out hard work shall be as legendary as our feasts.

We wonder what the good people shall eat for dinner...

Once we get it into Italiano, we can all learn it and repeat it during our Movements for Movements

clarification in the check-boxes, I removed the check boxes indicating the tracks to not confuse this with the usual session proposals. ( although it could stay as the unConference ongoing session / space maybe , we can consider this option )