I’m new here. what is lote ??? actually, i do not really understand how this site is working …

best wishes from snowy switzerland


Lote is “Living on the Edge” event

Hello Sven,

Lote is the event where edgeryders meet ,

LOTE = Living On The Edge

this is the “usual” name of the community Get-Together

until now there were 3 events with this name, last one was in November last year in Matera, Italy.

We are planning next Get-Togethers here and this is what we are talking about here in this project.

There are other projects on this site so you are welcome to take a tour around, and if you want to know more you are also welcome to join our Welcome Community Call on February 6th, where we can tell you all about it.

Here is a link to the Community Call event: https://edgeryders.eu/community-call-onboarding-new-edgeryders

This video could explain it?

Hi Sven, welcome :slight_smile:

Edgeryders: Living on the Edge 3 from Sam Muirhead on Vimeo.

For some reason this post doesn’t seem to link to its author, what’s your username here on Edgeryders?

Sam’s ER profile