Lote3 Travel arrangements

How do you plan to travel to LOTE3?

who from where when how comments
Dorotea not sure yet few days before possibly by car sharing
Auli Paris
K Copenhagen Arr to Bari 27th at 7AM. from Bari - bus will b STUCK IN MILAN night 26-27th! anyone there? lets meet: terminal 1 ground floor Gran Cafe (the only one I found open till 00.30)
Sam Muirhead Elevate Festival in Graz 28th Oct don't know yet
Noemi Cluj-Napoca, Romania Oct 27th by plane: Cluj - Rome Ciampino, return trip from Oct 26th to Nov 5th; from Rome to Matera by bus or train - I am travelling with Ronen [iamronen] who is also living nearby Cluj.
Ilaria Matera Oct 20th by bus I will be waiting for you in Matera already!
pacheca Lisbon 27th Oct to Nov 6th by plane to/from Bari

Meeting K at Milan night 26th-27th.

We’ll be arriving to Bari on Sunday at 9.30am.

Probably going by BUS to Matera, is there anyone wanting to team up to travel from Bari to Matera?

David de Belleville France Sunday Oct 27th plane to Bari interested in a rideshare from Bari on the 28th or 29th. and another one back on November 4th.
mishek Berlin flexible Would like to rideshare, carpool or might hitchhike from Milan.
Nadia and Alberto Brussels 27th to 5th (!) We fly to/from Bari We offer one or two rides from (29)/to (5) Bari in the morning. Get in touch for arrangements.
AD_admin Dublin (via London) 29th to 6th Bari (arv 2025!!) Open to suggestions, o'wise will get the midnight bus!
CommonFutures Colchester 29th-4th London Stansted via Brindisi (outbound) then Bari (inbound) Flights via Ryanair - need a ride/train from Brindisi to Matera on the 30th then bus back to Bari on the 4th.
Fabio Not sure yet
Håvard Bergamo Sept 10th - Nov 6th I'm flying to Bergamo on the 10th, then I'll find my way down south somehow. I expect to arrive in Matera about 1 week before LOTE. Does anyone want to share an apartment In matera?
Remy Berlin 29th-4th fly to Bari. Arrival early in the morning. Hitchhike or carsharing for the way back to Berlin. I will leave Matera the 5th earliest as possible. I have planned, for now, to hitchhike to Milano or If I get really lucky to Münich then continue to Berlin.
simonecortesi 29th by trane to Bari I will arrive at Bari (BRI) airport on 29th at 13:50 CET, any help on transfert from there to the venue?
mstn Northern Italy (Trento) 29th I do not know yet
Arthur Paris 28th Paris - Bari by plane, Bari - Matera by bus

Reaching Matera

By plane: The closest airport is Bari Palese (1 hour). Buses run from the airport to the Matera city centre (Piazza Matteotti).

By train: Matera is not linked to the intercity railway network. The closest you can get by train is to Bari Central Station, and then take the famously slow, though pictoresque trains of the Ferrovia Appulo-Lucana (FAL). The FAL run regular trains, every 1 and a half hours (around 12 daily), ticket is 4€. They take about 90 minutes to Matera and don’t run on Sundays, when they are replaced by some buses leaving from behind the railway station. Other option is to go through Potenza and Ferrandina on national railroad, but fromFerrandina you will have to hitchike.

By bus: Buses are a really good option: Marozzi runs daily buses to and from Rome (32,50€, every 6,5h), Siena, Pisa and Florence. Booking in advance is essential.Sita links Matera to Taranto, Metaponto and other small towns of the province. Marino links Matera to Milan, Bologna, Naples, and many foreign cities.

Local bus Bari - Matera:

Generally these leave from Bari Via Turati Mater Dei and arrive in Matera Piazza Matteotti.

NB: no overnight buses, the earliest leaves Bari at 6:15 am and latest at 7 or 8 pm!

Check detailed timetables here

Tip: check with Elf Pavlik (English, German, Polish) or Ilaria (Italian, English, French), we might be able to help you with the last leg of your journey. Elf, an experienced sharer and hitchhiker, will also help you organize cheap or free travel from wherever you are to lote3.



ok, we have no big train station and anyone knows it! but let me suggest that from the biggest italian town (Rome, Milan, Bologne, Folrence, etc) there are daily buses rides which leads you directly here. In a few days I’ll post here the main timetables and tickets price sothat you can decide if it’s cheaper than take at least two flights and than train.

Let’s keep in touch! ciaoooooo, rita :wink:

Ridesharing deal with BlaBlaCar.com?

Dear all,

I met last night BlaBlaCar’s country manager for Spain & Portugal and told him about Lote3. He will be forwarding my passionate request for discount coupons for participants that might use their (great) service to reach Matera. I will update you with any progress.

Warm regards,


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How come it hasn’t occured to us :slight_smile:

Wow David, this is a breakthough! So many of us will be reaching bigger cities in Italy and could really use the help to not depend on train schedules and booking bus tickets in advance, especially for those not speaking Italian.

I’m looking over their websites and i already spotted several rideshares from Rome to Bari at quite advantageous rates. I think [Dorotea], [iamronen] and others will also be thrilled with the idea :slight_smile:  Let us know when you know more, yayy! so grateful for resourceful networkers like you, reminds me what Edgeryders is so much about, having each other’s backs <3

very cool :slight_smile:

though I couldn’t find a single ferrari :frowning:

Rome - Matera?

HI @ilariadauria, just wanted to check if you’re still traveling from Rome and when? Ronen and I will be there on Saturday 26th in the afternoon, and I’m figuring out how to get to Matera, your offer sounds very appealing :slight_smile:

When in Rome…

Hi @ilariadauria & @noemi, I’m landing in Rome on Sat 26 in the evening & will be taking a train to Bari on Sunday at 8h05.

Would love to meet up & possibly share accommodation (or a train ride).



too late for me, unless

On Saturday evening i’ll have to head to Matera, to get there next morning and save some money rather than spend the night…

On the other hand if @ilariadauria has a positive answer for us and wants to travel together later in the evening, or whenever, this changes things… :slight_smile:

Did you buy your train tickets already ? I see it’s 50 euros Rome - Bari, not cheap at all…

Already there!

Dearest David and Noemi,

I decided to go to Matera early to lend a hand! So I’ll be there starting from the 20th of October. In the meanwhile my car died, so in any case I would’ve been travelling.

Once we will be there, we will send you precise information on a meeting place: would be great if the unMo was the landing spot for Edgeryders coming from all over the world :slight_smile:

See you there

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I’m travelling from Lisbon to Bari by plane through Easyjet promotional deals, got two separate round trip tickets Lisbon-Milan / Milan-Bari. (total sum of 172,60€)

(It was the best offer I’ve found online, by plane, only inconvenient is having to wait in the airport from 11pm to 7am.)

Just an advice: if someone else is coming from Lisbon make sure you book now, it’s getting expensive…

Have nice trip and see you all there! :- )

Anyone travelling, on Sunday, from Bari to Matera?

HEllo to you all!

I’ll be arriving on Sunday at 9.30am to Bari. 

Is there anyone wanting to team up, for traveling from Bari to Matera?

PS. Probably travelling by BUS, from what I could understand online, it seems there are no Trains on Sundays.

Hi [K], I will also be stuck in Milan on the night 26-27th, do you want to meet?

No , for sure there are no trains on Sundays. By bus is the only solution for pubblic transport on sundays.

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Thanks ! :- )

Yes. Well, Ok, Bus it is!

Thanks ! :- )

yes, sure, lets meet in milan.

Try this!

[havartu], have you got an apartment that can be shared? You might try [costantino] and [zoescope], they were asking me for info…

Bari to Matera by train

Check this link


Matera: 7 tips you might find interesting

Check this link:

Arriving to Bari airport tomorrow .


Maybe someone is arriving to Bari airport tomorrow, Monday 28th around 18:20 ? :slight_smile:

It would be nice to go together to Matera .

Or maybe someone is taking the flight from Rome FCO to Bari 17:15 - 18:20 ? :slight_smile: