Lote4 countdown #1: More Edgeryders coming to Matera, more travel grants available

The first of two countdown posts with updates. Second, on travels and logistics, is upcoming.

“If you are humble enough to accept having your work and thinking questioned. If you are optimistic enough to accept potential failure as a must when you experiment. If you are just curious… I think you should join us.” (quoting @Nadia on Lote4)

A month before we meet to showcase, question, build and support each other’s ideas to change the world, we’re building a lineup of great minds who can actually do that. Over 20 Edgeryders have earned ourselves a ticket and about as many are confirmed to show up in Matera. Check out the MakerFox dashboard below, we aren’t just earning tickets, we are becoming true online collaborators. Today this may come down to a simple task, tomorrow it can be lifting a project off the ground, together…

(The above lists only Edgeryders who asked for a ticket on MakerFox. If you can’t see the list embedded above, you can also see the list here.)

A warm welcome on board to @danohu who generously offered to lead an Edgeryders website makeover & debugging track during the hackathon, to @Robert_TrashOut & @Björn_Ekblom for stepping straight into the game and leading sessions, to @CommonFutures and @azzurra for being some of the most active voices during last week’s twitterstorm, to @ElaMi5 who meticulously worked on getting her ticket during maternal leave, @pacheca for great design ideas as always. Others like @Lauren, @emkay, @Dorotea are doing work offline, organising Lote4 meetups across Europe and figuring out how they work best and how we can build common ground regarding numerous perspectives over stewardship. And yet other peeps are stepping forward and pitching new things they’d like to do, like media coverage for the event. Welcome @elviapw & @Theresia, tickets are on their way!

The Edgeryders company is supporting more travels to Matera

While some of those attending Lote got a grant already (approx. 10), the good news is we still have about as many left. Travel grants come with the Lote4 ticket, in email from Natalia, which generally means one of your fellow Edgeryders recommended you for a grant. The amount is maximum 500 EUR USD and you will be reimbursed according to your expenses, after the event.

How to apply for a travel grant?

  1. Join a team and offer to help with something in the runup to the event. Leave a comment on the team's page, otherwise we won't know what you are working on. If you hurry up, chances are by the time you complete the work there will be grants left. 
  2. You already got a ticket, but not a grant? This is possible because we are only sending a limited number of grant offers per week. Get in touch with me or @Natalia_Skoczylas to explain your situation, and we may be able to help.

See you in the trenches!

These words are truely uplifting. The effort of engagement has taken a truely impressive shape last weeks - looks like we have (almost) built a fantastic event.

What I need now is emails of @elviapw and @Theresia, so I can be in touch with you about the travel arrangements, and of course to send you your tickets! Please pm me at natalia@edgeryders.eu