LOTE4 coverage for Krautreporter

Hi everyone,

I’m a writer and editor at the Berlin based online magazine Krautreporter, which will launch in early October. I’m interested in covering the conference for them, unfortunately, they’re not able to pay for travel in full. Therefore, I’d like to request a travel grant. I’d love to participate in other ways, too, I could earn my ticket through translation or another task in the communication team.

All best,


German only?

Hi Theresia, I don’t speak German but I did understand 2 things going on your page:

  1. “Der Online-Journalismus ist kaputt.”

  2. You got your magazine crowdfunded 110%. Congrats and bon voyage!

My friend @Natalia_Skoczylas will come back to you with a ticket via email, but first you’d need to sign up on MakerFox - a moneyless platform for network barters set up by fellow Edgeryder @Matthias - and order it.

Here is where you can learn about why we are experimenting with tickets being earned not properly sold for money. While you’re on Makerfox, you might be interested in seeing what other stuff there you could get in exchange for skills. Myself, I’m modestly offering English lessons and hope someone to teach me French in exchange, at one point.

Can’t promise a travel grant right now (offering a limited no. per week to give everyone a chance, including those arriving later), but maybe we can figure out a way so that if you’re traveling with @elviapw you two could share some of the costs?