Why and how do we earn Lote4 tickets?

The upcoming Living on the Edge community event has some of the best features of Edgeryders annual meetups: it focuses on bringing together a dedicated bunch of people from all over; in addition to intensive knowledge sharing, it aims to produce concrete action; and finally, it is organized by the community and encourages collaboration way before we meet.

What is different this time around: tickets are not for free.

This doesn’t mean we are charging money for a service, on the contrary: it means that we are acknowledging and assigning value to the work that most of us end up doing anyway. You may remember all our events are nospectator events and their value lies precisely in the community swarming to get things done with mostly no finances. The difference now is that it’s on record and we’re moving on to formalising p2p collaboration.

Every team’s page will instruct you to pick a task and start interacting with others, while learning a bit about online collaboration. If in doubt leave a comment and ask for help.

Each task is worth a proportion of the Lote4 ticket, whose total value we think of as two full days of work. For example, writing a press release is supposedly worth a third of a ticket, so less than a day of work. The task values are not arbitrary, but they are not perfect either. If you spend more time on it and think you should get the whole ticket worth for your work, just say so.

Sign up on MakerFox, preferably with the same username which you have on Edgeryders and order the Lote4 ticket. You’ll see the ticket is worth 1000$, but think of it as 1000 Makerbucks, which is a barter currency rather than actual US dollars.

Complete the task(s) and wait for the ticket. Community managers keep track of everyone who signed up for a task and its status. We load your MakerFox accounts with the ticket value so you can barter it, and finally we’ll email you the ticket in .pdf

Why should you earn a ticket?

Money is overrated and new currencies are increasingly proving to be able to replace it. Over at Edgeryders we have been looking into online collaboration and ways to formalize peer to peer exchanges for a long time now. Our goal is to build and use our own tools and become the first community which can share resources without need of finances in order to realise projects.

The ticket earning system is far from perfect, we’re trying it out for the first time. Familiarity with any new tool or process takes time, so please bear with it and feel free to suggest ways to make it better. The good news is that if you are committed to collaborating, your work can’t go unnoticed. We are a bunch of community managers at Edgeryders and we read you almost immediately after you posted something. Any help you will need, we’re here.

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Thanks Noemi, this is a very helpful explanation how to do it! Will do it right away!

Single Sign On

> Sign up on MakerFox, preferably with the same username which you have on Edgeryders

if @Matthias can enable for example Mozilla Persona in Makerfox people could easily login with the same identity… also ER usernames allow spaces which i would doubt Makerfox uses!


Persona login on Makerfox makes sense, but we’ll not dare to add it before everything else is stable :wink: There are Ruby solutions for Persona integration though, so it should not be too much of an effort.

And spaces in Edgeryders usernames are a legacy problem anyway, but it will be gone shortly. Paolo is working on this, and I think he already has created the pull request with the fix …


Have you thought of setting up your internal currency, timebank or using some existing alternative currencies for your events?


We are still at the tinkering phase, @henri37. But tickets are potentially a currency in this setup. Some of the hardest-working people will earn more than one, and they can use them as they want, for example give them away to others: in principle, they could also offer them on the Makerfox against other things that they want. Cool, huh? :slight_smile: