LOTE4 Registration

You need a ticket to join us at lote4. Tickets are neither free of charge, nor can they be bought for money. The only way to get a hold of a ticket to LOTE4 is to help build the event in collaboration with others.

You take on tasks, every time you complete a task you are compensated in Makercoins*. Most tasks are done online before the event. When you have enough Makercoins, you can “buy” a ticket to LOTE4.

Getting started is easy:

1. Join a team. We set up a Makerfox account for you when you do. 

  1. Claim a task and get it done here on Edgeryders. You claim a task by assigning it to yourself. Each claimed task is entered into your Makerfox account as an offer worth a number of makercoins when completed.

  2. Tell us when you have completed it.  Leave a comment on the task page telling us around how long it took you. When the task is verified as done, your makerfox account is credited with the right  number of makercoins for that task.

When you have x no. of Makercoins you can trade them in for a LOTE4 ticket. Or anything else available in the shop!

*Makercoins are the barter currency of Makerfox.com, an online, peer-to-peer, moneyless marketspace where users can buy goods and services and offer something in exchange, of the same value. 

If you have any questions or need help getting started don’t hesitate to get in touch with Noemi Salantiu: noemi@edgeryders.eu or tweet your question to @edgeryders using lote4.