[LOTE4 Ticket] Conduct an interview and publish it

I will interview someone who is making a contribution to their community, then upload it here on edgeryders.eu. 

We want to engage projects that we think exemplify notions of Stewardship, whether they be concerned with stewarding physical, immaterial, digital assets or building new infrastructure. We’d like to find the initiatives that are confronting the difficult questions head on, both newly started and those with a long history. Despite our work over the last couple of years within EdgeRyders and the unMonastery project we recognise that our perspectives are still limited by the networks we’re most familiar with, we’d like to take this opportunity to broaden our horizons.

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How to complete this task?

Nothing happens on Edgeryders until we start interacting with one another, so leave a comment with your thoughts on this and let others know you want to take on this task. Then identify a person or project relevant to the theme. Get in touch with them in a meeting or skype call or whatever best suits you, and consider the following format:

Initial set of questions: 

Tell me a bit about your project?

What are your main objectives?

What does Stewardship mean to you?

What do you think will be the greatest challenge for the human race over the next 100 years?

Who is responsible for the future?

What does Stewardship of the commons mean in this moment?

What are the fundamental lessons from the past that we can learn from now?

What is an example of a heroic act in this moment?

Once you interviewed them, publish here the video, audio recording or a transcript. We look forward to engaging with them!

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i found a really interesting case in a place where im vacationing where now an almost 80 year old guy has set up and been managing a botanical garden with over 500 species for over 30 years that thousands of students have used for their masters and PhD thesis (there isnt a similar type of resource ANYWHERE in the country- Montenegro- public or private) but the guy simply wasnt interested in answering some of the guiding questions i found here- so am hoping it’s alright to write up what we did talk about?

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Of course

Hi!! Sure, go for it! One can hardly expect everyone we meet and interview to understand concepts like Stewardship. What’s more, many of the “doers” out there don’t even identify themselves as such and could have a hard time putting their work in a bigger context…

Looking forward to hear from Montenegro, it will be a first!


contacted a friend of mine who some years ago quit his job to take over the only grocery shop in the village he and his family are living at to prevent it from closing. His aim is to keep the village centre alive and  to enable older people and children to do their shopping without depending on other persons who drive a car… Hope, he will agree to answer the questions. Maybe, he’ll also tell about his attempts to create a regional currency…

Sounds good

That sounds interesting, go right ahead.

Incidentally, the “Assign to” field is used to indicate the person or people who are taking on the task. In this case, it is you! I assume you selected Noemi because you wanted to talk to her. She is already active in this thread, so chances are good that she is reading the comment anyway, but if you want to be sure (or if you want to involve someone in a conversation that they have not been taking part in, you can use Twitter-style mentions, like this:


Instructions for using mentions are in the User Manual here.

Welcome Anna

Hi, I concur with Alberto, go right ahead, we are of course interested to learn about the project in that village. Which village is it? Are you also based there or nearby?

I’d also like to invite you to the community call this Thursday morning (11 AM Italy time), so we can get to know each other better and plan ahead… hope to see you “live” :slight_smile:


I appriciate highly that you support my idea. The village is about 60km far from Linz where I live. It is called Losenstein and is situated in the valley of river Enns. In my interview I’d like to show that a trend which is threatening to bleed out small communities all over Europe can be turned to another direction when people want it and give it a go. It’s a bit of a David against Goliath fight, but bible tells us, David won in the end.wink

I’d love to join the “conference” on thursday, but have to work. I’ll read it and give comments on the site.



Thank you for giving advice. Tried to figure out with help of a dictionary, but got it  wrong…

And thanks for supporting my idea.