Calling all Lote4 team coordinators

Hi everyone, following today’s community call we have agreed to tighten up the organisational work for The Stewardship and collaborate more closely together in the upcoming two months.

Introducing the team coordinators (let me know if I’m missing something?). Even if some tasks overlap, there’s Natalia and myself who can offer guidance to those taking on tasks when team coordinators are unable to.

@Natalia Skoczylas, Coordination in Matera

(logistics: venue, materials, travels, accommodation)

@Ben, Agenda building 

(managing communication with speakers or potential session leaders, get people to sign up & lead a session, engineering the program/ schedule, will work with Nico on Storytelling as well)

@NicoBis, Storytelling, leads only the outreach in Matera & Basilicata

(interview local people and projects, post content on Edgeryders, engage locals to register for Lote4 and lead sessions)

@Noemi, with Natalia and @Dorotea, Communication and social media

(daily countonme headlines, creating templates for invitation letters, running the twitterstorm, media database etc, collate updates from each team and send out weekly newsletter to all lote4 participants)

@Alberto & @Nadia, Fundraising

(relationship management and following up on existing leads)

@JamesL, @Hazem with Alberto, Hackathon

(roll out call for projects, select projects, build the program, run the event)

These guys have their own working group already!

What’s already available that you can work with?

  • Learn who’s in your team (go to your team's page, check the existing tasks, offer to help those who took them on, and if you need to ping people on the platform use @ and their username, just like on Facebook)
  • Who's completing which tasks? spreadsheet  (may need restructuring, but to give you an idea on what tasks have been claimed so far)
  • Create new posts and tasks related to the conference. Tasks need to be integrated with the Makerfox: now we buy tickets with collaboration, so all collaboration needs to count. When you need something done, put up a task; and when you put up a task, always write (in the body text) what fraction of a ticket the task corresponds to. Check task example.
  • Get a yourname[at]edgeryders[dot]eu email address if you need it eg for PR purposes, here.

Hopefully you are now able to:

  • Leave a comment on your team’s page saying you’re coordinating this
  • make it every Thursday at the community calls to stay in touch with each other.
  • also, it will be great if all coordinators write a blogpost each week describing what you have been up to with your team.
  • #must: Join the \#countonme mailing list to help spread each other’s daily updates in the next couple of months

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the platform activity, consider deactivating your email notifications by:

  • going to your user profile page and looking for the Notification Settings tab

  • on that tab, untick the “Send email notifications by defaultl” box

  • on the right column make sure that that you’re not “following” groups or contents that don’t interest you (anymore) on Edgeryders. You may be getting too many emails now because at one point you commented a post anywhere on the platform.

I hope this helps, are we all on board? Any questions or suggestions to make this smoother, they’re more than welcome.



Did I get that right that you don’t have enough stories about stewardship all around the world?

I have one about the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin and how People managed to keep it as a communal space instead of a place for high value housing. I even could add some photos which I took about three weeks ago. Interested?


interesting !

I’m interested in that story, and I’m in Berlin now, maybe I could make a little interview with you about it?


Hi Anna, sure we’d love to hear it or have it on record some way - as interview as Dorotea suggests or photo reporting, whichever ways suits you best…

Sounds like Berlin is in the “avant garde” with these initiatives… just a couple of weeks ago @SamMuirhead managed to interview the folks at Spreefeld cooperative in Berlin, community also trying to show the social, ecological value of the Spree river land to stand against it being sold for commercial value. Sounds familiar already, same thing with Prinzessinnengarten in Kreuzberg… either this story or the one you offered to write before would be valuable contributions, thanks!


@Dorotea: In fact it would be lovely to report the story to a real person, but unfortunately, I am not in Berlin. I stayed there for about two weeks in August because I have relatives there, some of them living quite close to Tempelhof and they introduced me to the space and told me about the circumstances. So, that means,: No thankyou, I’m afraid.

@Noemi: I appreciate you being interested.Thought I’d tell it just as a sort of true fairytale and colour it with some nice pictures, adding some facts about the political process in the background…

Could be a nice occupation for a lazy sunday :slight_smile: