[Lote4 tickets] Conduct an interview and publish it

I will interview someone who is making a contribution by taking care of community assets, then upload it (a transcript or summary) here on edgeryders.eu. 


Stewardship, or how we are learning to better take care of assets in unstable contexts.


5-10 Minute videos.

Each asking the same set of questions.

Each video should also contain an addition 5-10 minutes free form conversation led by the interviewee.

Initial set of questions: 

Tell me a bit about your project?

What are your main objectives?

What does Stewardship mean to you?

What do you think will be the greatest challenge for the human race over the next 100 years?

Who is responsible for the future?

What does Stewardship of the commons mean in this moment?

What are the fundamental lessons from the past that we can learn from now?

What is an example of a heroic act in this moment?

  • Learn more about stewardship
  • Who is already doing this and how?
  • Value of task: 1 #lote4 ticket

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