[Lote4 tickets] Coordinate a team

Organisation and planning of The Stewardship happens in community collaboration: participants are invited to join one of the following teams and start completing tasks to earn their conference ticket. Are you up for taking a coordination role as a way to get your own ticket? The teams to coordinate:

1. Coordination and outreach in Matera

2. Communications and social media team

3. Agenda Builders

4. Sales and fundraising

5. Storytelling research and documentation

6. Web and tech development

7. Travel and accommodations organisation

8. Hackathon organisation

Why is it good for you & everyone: You develop your skillet and make yourself eligible for paid work while contributing to the community’s ability to realise more initiatives with the ambition and scale of the unMonastery.

What does it involve:

  • Co-facilitating weekly community hangouts online
  • Being consistently available online for the next 3 months, and keeping others up to date with team progress
    • Subtask: Requires 3 min/ day- Sign up for the CountOnMe list and reply to daily emails with news from your team
    • Subtask: Requires 10-20 mins/week- Update social media calendar with news from your team and links to relevant stories, content or resources for team members who wish to learn more or improve their task-related skills.
    • Subtask: Requires 30 min-1hr/ week: Write one blogpost each week describing progress in the team so far, any thoughts or questions or learnings you want to share. The blogposts are a good way to introduce tasks that need to be done and asking for help and remind people who want to help to join the next community call
  • Earning a \#Lote4 ticket: Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.
  • Showing up at the event, meeting and connecting with people from all over the globe and enjoying the result of all our collaborative work :)

How to get started:

  1. Join the team that best fits your interests and preferences

  2. Leave a comment on the team page letting others know you are coordinating (two coordinators for each team would be ideal)

  3. Join the next community call to start the training.