[Lote4 tickets] Graphic design

###I will design a poster, flyer, leaflet or other digital product for Lote4.

Over at Edgeryders we have a number of past visual materials available for mix and remix, and everything is listed under creative commons license. You can use them to recreate a material or build new ones from scratch!

  • Value of task: 1/2 lote4 ticket

###How to complete this task?

Start by leaving a comment below saying you want to take this on.

Check the materials Edgeryders created before (dropbox repository, ER logos, Lote4 existing materials) and see if you like something and wish to build on that. Some ideas:

  • design a poster or banner for the Hackathon taking place before Lote in Matera.

  • design a poster for the twitter press conference we will do sometime in September

  • design images to accompany social shares: eg: Join the Social media team; the other teams for which you could build such a graphic call are here.

  • anything else? you name it!

Once you have produced something, come back here and upload the files in a comment or link to the originals. This means you have completed the task!

###Steps to get your full Lote4 ticket

  1. By completing this task you are receiving half of the ticket value, so you need to take on another one. Alternatively, you can design more than 1 digital artifact and you’ll get the full ticket.

  2. Go to MakerFox.com and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

This task belongs to the Communications and social media team, go there if you want to meet the rest of the team members.

hackaton poster draft - feedback needed!

dates? | place? | are there sponsors ?

does this graphic make sense, is it helpful?

Poster A.

poster B.

I Like B even better

Thanks dear @pacheca, it seems like solid work to me, I think the dates are 20-21 in the end, perhaps worth adding the webpage: LOTE4 Hackathon - LOTE4 “The Stewardship” - Edgeryders.

The unMonastery logo if you need it is here.

@James what do you think? should we go ahead and use it?

are the dates really 20-21, not 21-22? That seems odd, given the main event only begins on 23rd?

[and thanks for the poster, @pachecha!]

You may be right

I don;t remember when the hackathon is, 20-21 or 21-22 and apparently the info is missing from the Hackathon minisite page and the FAQs… anyone?

No problem, easy to correct the dates and the text!

Ping @alberto,  would like to ear you too.

which option

what info should we put on the poster

any other comments?

Great (and some remarks)

First of all, thanks a lot @pacheca, great work as usual!

Both posters look good. I am a minimalist, so I would ask myself “what do I absolutely need to have in there”? My list includes:

  1. Matera skyline – definitely a good idea. I like better the one in A, but they are both good.
  2. LOTE4, Edgeryders, unMonastery, MT2019 logos. We may need to add Rockefeller Foundation's too – stand by for that. LOTE4's probably needs to be bigger, with the other being a "strip of logos". However, I would prefer a version of the logo that does not include the "light beam", which (a) is silly, since telescopes do not emit light beans, and (b) it makes the logo look like a police baton. I am told Ola made a Dropbox folder with all the various graphic elements. 
  3. Text: "The harmonious hackathon". As a claim I would use "Nurture your ideas in the calm of the unMonastery", or something like that. The emphasis is on harmonious, and I think by now unMonastery is a serious brand, and has draw.
  4. A link: https://edgeryders.eu/hackathon
  5. The date and place. 

We definitely don’t need “in the run-up to LOTE4” text. Neither do we need the other graphic elements, though I appreciate a designer might want to use them to make some purely aesthetic statement – why don’t you try a more minimal setup, with just two colours – black and LOTE red?

The rest depends on what this artefact is for. Do we actually print it? In what size? It it is a flyer, we can afford some more text and explanation. If it is a poster to be affixed in the street, we will need to talk budget, because printing and affixing are both expensive. Anyway you have definitely earned the credits!

updated map (without pasta party location)

Chat with James yesterday - his comments


yesterday had a brief chat with @JamesL

Sharing is comments on this topic :

[17/09/2014 23:10:57] James Lewis: looks nice… i think the ‘collaborators and project owners’ sounds a bit technical… maybe better wording for a poster is stuff like hackers, makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs

[17/09/2014 23:11:44] James Lewis: A (preferred proposal)

[17/09/2014 23:12:14] James Lewis: the info is tricky… because we want to appeal to both…

[17/09/2014 23:13:21] James Lewis: like: ‘are you a hacker? come and working on the leading edge of social innovation with inspired ideas’ but also ‘do you have a project you want to develop - bring your project to be worked on by an expert community’…

[17/09/2014 23:13:33] James Lewis: these are not great words, but that’s what we’re going for