[Lote4 tickets] Put together a small social media team in Italian

Hello folks!

Ever since the twitterstorm we haven’t been seeing a lot of action in Italian or coming from the community in Matera. I suggest we start translating key headlines and content about Lote4 into social shares for Italy and and spread these daily so we can support Nico as he tries to engage the community or at least create more buzz. I offer to send them out daily to this crew.

What it would contain:

  • Creating an event page in Italian, here on Edgeryders, with short description and call to participate in Lote4. The call is general: "Here's what's happening in our city, get in touch with fellow Materani attending, take the opportunity to lead something: 1. host a session 2. accommodate an Edgeryders 3. organise a party." 
  • Translated headlines from the social media calendar 
  • Re-purposing articles on unMonastery which I think could be re-shared with a Lote4 message: example #1 #2 and also from this repository 
  • Re-purposing work at unMonastery from the past: @mariabyck since you have been doing quite a lot of interviews with Materani, would you recommend some we could re-share now with a Lote message attached?
  • Interviews by Nico with CoderDojo and other local projects, upcoming one with Fabrizio Barca

What do you guys think? Is this worth a try? I imagine this crew to be made of Maria, @azzurra, @NicoBis, @julianavanh, @Natalia_Skoczylas, @Lauren and whoever wants to join…

Great idea!

Hi Noemi,

it seems a really good idea! I was a little bit off in these days doing a bad flu, so did not have the possibility to push on this direction, this is the reason why I did not put yet on the web site the proposal for Coder dojo session. Now I am starting to recover and it’ll be easier to partecipate and also coordinate with the other. Just one thing, in the next few days I’ll be very busy until the Big Coder Dojo of the 4th of October here in Matera, so I’ll try to do my best with small tasks, like translating headlines. For bigger tasks, I am available to put all my effort in that after the 4th of October,  so you can count on me. I’ll try to do my best, I promise :slight_smile:

Which documents are to be translated

Sorry guys but in Munich there is a Oktoberfest and many things going on. I would like to ask you which texts are to be translated.

Many greetings


first step done!

Hi and thank you,

You should have received an email from me with key headlines in Italian (some poorly translated so you could doublecheck).

@Justine2020 the only thing to do if you are up for helping is spread the word on social media.

If anyone else wants to sign up for this now’s the time. Countdown Lote4: 2 weeks!

I Can Help You

Hi people… if you want I’ll help you!!! :slight_smile:

You’ve got mail

Anthony hi and welcome on board, this is a perfect time as we have one week left until the conference and we need as much support as possible.

I just forwarded you some social media headlines in Italian, or close to it, as some are made up by myself and I don’t quite master the knowledge…

Feel free to share them or reformulate to be suited for your own network on facebook/ twitter/ google plus or what have you.

Oh, and the contribution counts as collaboration, so consider yourself with ticket to Lote4!

Looking forward to see you in Matera,


Marking done