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As we are approaching the launch of the unMonastery in Matera (yikes!) and we are gearing up for restyling the unMonastery website, I thought a wiki on the unMon’s press material might be useful: videos, articles, blogposts, mentions, ecc. can be reported here, so that the websites editors can keep track of publiations.

ARTICLES (national, international):

    Può un hacker farsi monaco? Sì, accade nei Sassi di Matera… - Angela Mauro

    unMonasteries: Collaborating for the (G)local Good - Cat Johnson

    Coworking, Coliving: towards new lifestyles beyond the border Life/Work - Remy Cagnol

    Così l’agricoltura può creare i suoi “hub” - Simone Cicero

Gli innovatori sociali? Possono imparare dall’opera di San Benedetto - Alberto Cottica

    Italie : des « moines hackers » investissent une cité troglodyte - Côme Bastin

    La Rivoluzione dei Monaci Hacker - Nicola Perilli

  • Mutinerie (11/11/2013) - FR

    Un mutin au UnMonastery, récit de coworking au pays des Edgeryders - Maître Boucanier

  • On/Off Magazine (12/11/2013) - IT

    unMonastery. Un Esempio di Riuso degli spazi per il bene della communita locale - Stefania Clemente

  • Enabling City (volume 2) - ENG

    Rural + Suburban Redesign: unMonastery

  • Scoop IT (12/12/2013) - FR

    Le projet unMonastery

  • Shareable (12/12/2013) - ENG

    unMonastery: Where Co-Living, Co-Working, and Hacking Collide - Kelly McCartney

  • Blog Corriere della Sera (09/01/2014) - IT

    Esplora il significato del termine: Matera e l’esperimento… - Silvia Pagliuca

  • Reporterre (21/01/2014) - FR

    « unMonastery » : un monastère écolo et sans religion - Marc Schneider

  • L'osservatore Lucano (03/01/2014) - IT

    UnMonastery, emozioni da un luogo incantato. - Nicola Bisceglia

  • Il quotidiano della Basilicata (12/01/2014) - IT

    Unmonastery, si inizia il 15 Matera come un’Assisi laica - Antonello Grasi

  • The RSA (10/02/2014) - ENG

    I Like it! What is it? - Gaia Marcus

  • Il quotidiano della Basilicata (15/2/2014) - IT

    Parte il progetto UnMonastery menti dall’Europa riunite a Matera - Antonella Ciervo

  • Future Everything (01/03/2014) - ENG

    Building Creative Institutions

  • Blog di INNOVAZIONE (24/03/2014) - IT

    Social Innovation: ufficialmente aperta la comunità di unMonastery - Michele Potenza

  • CheFuturo (28/03/2014) - IT

    Di Siena: “Così l’intelligenza collettiva localizzata cambierà per sempre le nostre città”

  • GEO (03/2014) - FR (Print Only)
  • Social Innovation Exchange (12/04/2014) - ENG

    unMonastery - Jessica Nazzari

  • AGORA Magazine (17/04/2014) - IT

    unMonastery, centinaia di cittadini all’Open Day nel complesso del Casale

  • Fresh and Now (18/04/2014) - ENG

    Optimism & dystopia – Future Everything & Museums and the Web 2014

  • unCube Magazine (25/04/2014) - ENG

    Benedictine principles inform a new open-source initiative

  • P2P Foundation (21/04/2014) - ENG

    An Open Letter to Pope Francis on the Ethical Economy - Michel Bauwen

  • The Guardian (28/04/2014) - ENG

    Eleven tips for councils on thinking creatively about adult social care - Sarah Marsh

  • (28/04/2014) - ENG

    Michel Bauwens Invites Pope Francis to Help the Maker Economy

  • Spike Magazine (Spring 2014) - ENG

    Participate Don’t Dominate - Alex Scrimgeour in conversation with Ben Vickers

  • The Nation (June 2014) - ENG unMonastery Feature by Nathan Schneider
  • RADIO: 
  • Rai Radio 2 - M'illumino di meno (14/02/2014) - IT

ARTICLES / VIDEOS (local press): 


  • LOTE 3: Launch of the unMonastery (ENG)
  • LOTE 3: Lancio dell'unMonastery (IT)
  • LOTE 3: promotional video (ENG)
  • LOTE 3: promotional video (IT)
  • LOTE 3: satirical video produced by Materani (IT)
  • The unMonastery: video by Sam Muirhead (ENG)
  • The unMonastery: video by Sam Muirhead (many subtitles!)
  • The unMonastery: asset mapping (Google Maps)
  • unMonastery 1.0: The Birth of an Ancient Tradition (Bembo Davies)
  • unHagiography: what modern day social innovators can learn from the life and times of St. Benedict (Alberto Cottica)
  • 14 profiles of the unMonasterians for the Che Fare application (IT)


  • Social Innovation Europe (map)
  • P2P Foundation (site)
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French articles

I don’t know if this can be useful but I wrote two articles in french about unMonastery :

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great stuff


Where this articles have been published ?

I was missing french texts about the projects.

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Articles not published yet

I sent them yesterday and asked if it was possible to publish them but didn’t receive an answer yet.

  • Basta! (alternative website)
  • Silence (alternative magazine)
  • Kaizen (alternative magazine which tries to promote positive ideas)

I also try to have an article in the local press here in Burgundy. I’m waiting for a call…