LOTE5 Development track - first speakers

I have a pleasure to announce first two speakers who will join us at the LOTE5 in Brussels.

Edgeryders, meet Omar Shehabi.

Omar is the founder of Palestine Works, a US-based nonprofit promoting Palestinian human development by creating high-impact knowledge transfer opportunities among Palestinian and foreign young professionals. By day, Omar serves as a legal consultant with the United Nations Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). He previously served as a legal officer with UNRWA in Jerusalem, and as a legal advisor with the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department, where he counseled the Palestinian leadership on final-status negotiations with Israel and other foreign relations. He has also taught international law and human rights at Birzeit University and lectured extensively on the international law dimensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a previous life, Omar worked as a labor lawyer in Los Angeles and Chicago, representing labor unions, employees, and employee benefit funds. He is a graduate of George Washington University and the University of Notre Dame Law School, and is an LL.M. candidate in international law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Second person is Piotr Działak

Piotr Działak likes people. He considers empathy as the most important value ever. Therefore, he is very concerned about the world, especially regarding eradicating poverty, creating peace, and mitigating Climate Change. These big challenges cannot be solved within the current socio-economical system, that’s why Piotr builds an alternative way of living based on cooperation, and solidarity, not competition. This led him to become a coordinating teacher at the International Teacher Training College in the middle of nowhere in Denmark. He also works on developing teaching and learning programmes for teacher education in cooperation with One World University in Mozambique. He cooperates with different development and fundraising organisations and organises events concerning the big issues of our time. He loves his students, loves teaching, good music, traveling, making field investigations, running, watching and creating films, and apparently cannot live without history and social science. Oh, and hitchhiking is kind of awesome. Piotr has been here and there and cannot wait what tomorrow will bring!

Piotr and Omar will talk about their experience in work for development - from very international and very different perspectives. More details about these meetings will follow. Meanwhile, I invite you to drop a line in the comment or send me an email natalia@edgeryders.eu - if you know the right person to join the track and present their own ideas at the conference in Brussels, it would be of great help. If you want to bring your own story and need some help developing it, I am here to help you. Stay tuned, more exciting news are around the corner! You can also get involved in making LOTE5 happen (and earning your own ticket by helping out) in the workspace section - take a look at the LOTE5 workspace.

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Will the keynote speakers just speak

Or will they also build a session on their own experiences? Or will somebody do so for them?

For Omar I know he’s bumping into the same bureaucratic roadblocks in his organisation as the ones that he’s seen other organisation stumble and fail on, so I think that in addition to listening to his story it will be interesting to build him a solution.

Maybe it would make more sense to already have his story on the platform now, so that we can start thinking about how to build a session to unfail his failures?


Yes, I already talked to Omar about it and we will have a talk on skype to prepare a post. Same with Piotr;)

Cool and haha

that picture :wink: