Piotr Działak - two workshops proposals

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Things are slow but steady on my end. Piotr Działak has sent me two proposals for sessions he would like to give during LOTE5 Here you can read very short intros:

Egészségedryders Workshops

The pedagogy of development

Another kind of teacher, and another kind of pedagogy for the development in the 21st Century. A teacher over cultural divisions, over social divisions, over economical divisions, over whatever divisions. Why it matters, and what teacher has to do with the development in Global South. Why is it then a problem that we know so much about Global South?

Duration: 1.5 hours

Optimal number of participants: 20

Let’s build a damn dam!

Yes, let’s build! The biggest dam in the world! Heroes that moved the earth, heroes that moved themselves, and how the West misunderstands China. Don’t you have a feeling we have forgotten about something? In this workshop, we will analyse the social, and economical impacts of Three Gorges Dam.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Optimal number of participants: 20

I also suggest following his blog on DNS Tvind school’s website , where he also works as trainer and educator. More about Piotr in this post.

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Great ER spelling :slight_smile:

Piotr and Natalia, both workshops sound interesting. Should we put down both in the program or is Piotr deciding on one out of the two? Any preference for days? 25th afternoon is the opening, 26th (Fri) and 27th (Sat) full of sessions, 28th is the barcamp.

Friday 26th from 10:30

I put down the first workshop, and suggest the second can go for Sunday during the barcamp, if Piotr will still be with us. Let me know if this works, tentatively? See the draft program here.