LOTE5 Name tags

Attached are pdfs for printing the name badges.

I will also post the original Indesign files and some JPEgs of the balnk designs. But will do this in a message post as i cannot upload these file formats to a document.


file_fid:15210 - All badges with names on them

Link to JPEG files


Looks very nice!

Someone can guide me through the printing plan? My reference was this one.

Which paper? How many of which file?

I’m gonna send the programs to print in A4 tomorrow. I can also send the name badges to the same cheap printer.

Let me know

printing instructions:

from Alex: If you are using a professional print shop then the PDf is all set up for printing already. It needs to be printed double sided on A2 and then chopped down on the sides where the lines are marked. Because of the 3mm bleed around the edges you will get about 9 (3 across by 3 down) from each sheet of A2. 

I suggest printing only badges with names + badges without names (for late arrivals who’ll write their names on spot).

I am still thinking how it’s best to proceed with Bios with biographies -which are only 60 and we wanted to use for the interviewers challenge. But I might put them to better use, so not for now.

Print guide

There are 146 double sided name tags with names and the communication details on. These need printing double sided. This is the PDF icon All badges with names on them file.

I think we’re looking to have 15 blank versions of this as well - PDF icon Badge without a name - blank for use on the day

The final file - PDF icon Badges with Biographys on them as well. - has 63 double sided name tags with biographies on the back. I don’t know if these are still to be used, but i was nearly finished designing them so i included them as well. Noemi would be the best person to check with about that.

The name tags are designed at A6 size (standard postcard size 184mm x 105mm) with a 3mm bleed around the edge which will need to be trimmed off by the printers. This is all set in the pdf. As the intention is for people to be able to wear them on a lanyard around their neck i imagine they will need to be printed on a sturdy card, probably around 300-350gsm.


Hey Alex, this looks really cool. Just realised though, how are we hanging them? I don’t think we have lanyards…But if there are holes iun them we could do some nice string :slight_smile: