Make a poster for the workshop


Elena was saying in a comment yesterday that she has design skills. I am horrible at it, but was wondering if you can help turn the workshop agenda into a visual?

We only have it in boring text here, and now that it’s final it would be great  to circulate it digitally and also print it on an A3 at the workshop.

Let me know and I can send over Edgeryders graphic materials to help…

Will do!


I can work on it tomorrow from the office, at home I have a very slow PC. Please send me all the Edgeryders visual materials, and also if you have some examples in mind please do show.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sounds great

I’ve just shared with you this google drive folder containing visuals we used in this project, logos, as well as some examples of posters from the past. Feel free to mix and remix anything.

Given this one would have a lot of text on it, it can be as clean as a white sheet with some discreet graphics. Hope it works…

Thanks a ton for being so fast to jump in :slight_smile:

My pleasure! :slight_smile:

“The folder that you were viewing no longer exists or you no longer have permission to access it.”  - try to add me with

Should work now

Ok done. I also added a folder with the fonts used in the past. Of course, your call :slight_smile: Here’s some other visual stuff Nadia put together.

Wrong link?

I think here is the link for “you call”, not for “other visual stuff”. @Noemi, if this is the case, please post the link to the other visual resources. Thanks :slight_smile:


The link to the visual resources is this google drive which I shared with Elena. The other is just a link to other Edgeryders visuals related to our mantras :slight_smile:

Oh, okay


it works now!

I’ll get back to you with some results tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!


Uploaded on Google Drive

I made a folder in google drive with the workshop agenda. Please tell me what you think and if there’s anything to be corrected.


Wow, this was fast and super effective, thank you!

What do people think?

Most important:

  • Is it on an A3? Maybe we can fit both days on one sheet?

  • Can you please maybe take some of the photos of the speakers here and put them in small size between the time slots (between green lines on the left). At least some photos would make it even friendlier I think.

- Crina Cranta can’t make it after all, so remove? (Day1)

Less important:

I would put @ before people’s usernames, but I will go in and edit it at the end, as I know who’s who (for example yozness is Cosmin Pojonaru, so we need @yozness/ Cosmin Pojonaru). Not everyone has disclosed their real names (TCT) so in this case will only keep their usernames. But don’t worry about it…

TCT is Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic

@Noemi, @Elena_Oglinda Please use this name “Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic” instead of the acronym of my name. I’m updating now my user profile as well, to include the name.

Niceeee :slight_smile:

Looks really good!

Made it on a A3 - landscape position…

It was quite challenging but I got some help.  Hope it’s ok like this:

Also uploaded here .

P.S. The picture preview is stretched


Looks great!

Thanks so much @Elena_Oglinda! Can you also upload a .png and/or .psd version so we can make last minute changes?

It’s made in Illustrator

I uploaded the .ai version, but if there will be something to add or change , tell me and I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Ok… changes

Ok, would have preferred not to bug you with details.

Can you change the hour of the Friday drinks from 19:00 to 21:00?

Can you add a link to at the bottom?

Add Manu & TCT’s photos on Thursday?

Maybe un-bold everything for consistency?

Thanks. Will print it out as soon as you upload the last version!

Marking this task as Done.

With thanks to @Elena_Oglinda.

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Oh gosh…

Now I’ve seen your last changes on the poster.Sorry for missing that post…