Workshop agenda

Update: 3 July - session list is pretty much done. Any other proposals, please put them in a comment and we’ll see if there’s more space, but as of today we can’t promise anything. Unless we decide to go for a different format such as barcamp

@Speakers: go ahead and edit this wiki with any time, format, titles suggestions. We can always reshuffle. Also comment on any logistic requirements you might have (we have a projector, tables, chairs, pillows, flipcharts, extension chords, adaptors, paper, markers). We will follow up with an individual briefing to make sure you make the most out of your session. 

Location: Hanul Gabroveni, Sala Studio.

Language: English and Romanian, whichever way you feel confortable.

Registration: still open, but limited to room capacity of 30. Please follow the instructions and leave thoughtful comments to Iarina’s story, Alexandru’sCrina’s or Cosmin’s… and others in the Futurespotters group. It helps us get to know each other before we all meet physically.

Day 1: July 9

10:00 - 12:00

  • Welcome word and house rules (@Noemi)
  • Why we need to collaborate as a network and how to build projects with limited resources (@Nadia, EdgeRyders)
  • Talk to me about… exercise (Nadia)

Light lunch

13:00 - 14:00

  • Walking the Earth and working in the trenches: co-organising inclusive events and connecting Matera to Athens to Bucharest and the world (@Bezdomny, Jeff Andreoni, unMonastery)

14:00 - 16:30

Short talks (10 - 15 mins each, with break of 15 mins):

  • Participatory and open democracy (@MANU_BABELE, Emanuele Musa, Babele)
  • Ethical ways for free culture artists to support their work (@TCT, Fundația Ceata)
  • Urban gardening (Crina Cranta, Gradina din Gura Siriului - tbc)
  • Culture in education: development of a knowledge-based network (@Raluca_Iacob_Pop, MetruCub)
  • #Futurespotters: what have we learned so far and how it can feed into Bucharest 2021? (@Alex_Stef)
  • Poiana Baronilor Locali - monthly meetup for civic hacking (@mgax)
  • 5 tools to tweak your online privacy (Valentina Pavel, // Asociația pentru Tehnologie și Internet)

16:30 - 17:00

Q&A and wrap up

Day 2: July 10

10:00 - 11:00

Connecting Bucharest 2021 to its citizens: exploring long term, honest-to-God engagement (@anca_ionita, ARCUB)

11:00 - 12:30

Resource mapping exercise/ Collaboration mosaic (@Nadia)

Light lunch

13:30 - 16:00

Breakout sessions & project demos (parallel):

  • How to do data hacking for accessibility (@yozness, Cosmin Pojoranu, Cosmin Nitu)
  • Mapping underused spaces by and for the citizens (@konrad_mihat,
  • A proposal from Futurespotters to Bucharest 2021

16:30 - 17:00

Reporting back from breakouts & wrap-up

21:00 until dawn

Drinks (Deschis Gastrobar / NOD Makerspace)


on Hackathons

ThiHi @mgax, thanks for registering a session in the agenda!

I would launch a question even before next week when we meet, which is how do you - in your experience - bridge the gap between enthusiastic techies building potentially great things with following up on the projects and making sure people stay connected in order for projects to happen? I was hinting at this a while ago after the Cluj Open Data Day hackathon, but now I found someone making an even more compelling case on this in this article. It goes along the lines of what I was saying yesterday about complementing the incredible technological possibilities with steady social design:

Diversity is about a lot more than race and gender. It’s about age, class, background, profession, sexuality, neighborhood, World Cup team…the many ways in which people identify and are identified. When we willfully ignore diversity in the design of our technology, our social spaces, and our “community meet-ups”, we trivialize a future where universal technology access is meaningful and dynamic — not just about literally having access to tools.

On trading privacy for digital “gifts”

Came across this article on twitter today which sums up incredibly useful why us Internets Internauts are consistently giving in to commercial services.

In mature information societies, information is commoditised into undifferentiated marketable items (sellable things so generic that customers perceive little or no value difference between brands or versions), especially through increased competition. Such a commoditisation ends up decreasing prices until it becomes economically more profitable to produce and give information away for free in exchange of personal data, by relying on an advertising-based business model.

This commodification assigns economic value to something not previously considered in economic terms – such as data about individuals’ purchasing power, patterns, and preferences – making them subject to supply–demand and price–value dynamics.

An important side effect is that this creates a reinforcing cycle in which the escalating need to differentiate products further fuels the same mechanism that tends to commoditise them.

For @Valentina’s talk, it could be a nice argument of departure - understanding why we are increasingly not citizens, but consumers in online environments.

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Who we are and what we do

We are a small NGO founded back in 2011 and we are very interested in exploring and promoting heritage. We used non-formal education and various methodologies to ”perform” heritage on several occasions, both on national and international level. We want to contribute to making Bucharest a capital of culture and we are looking forward to presenting our ideas in an open-minded, intercultural environment. We want to turn Bucharest into the sensorial capital of culture and we believe we have the means to do so.

Reservation Friday 21:00 at Deschis Gastrobar

Hi everyone,

We’ll be meeting up after the workshop on Friday evening for a night out at Gastrobar, a terrace on the rooftop of a former industrial building now partially turned into NOD hackerspace. Address is: Splaiul Unirii 160. I made a reservation for 15 people on my name (Noemi). We can always stand up and walk around, it’s very pleasant, so no matter if there’s more than 15 of us. First round of drinks is on me, so be there at 9.

Photo taken from their facebook page.