Matera 2019 people call Edgeryders :)

Ciao to everybody!! On November 13, the european / italian Committee, that has to decide which cities candidate can enter into the 2019 ECOC short list, receives in Rome the Matera 2019 people for questioning. During the interview we would like to show a twitwall in which the community of Matera 2019, and the community Edgeryders tweet together. A Twitterstorm from all over Europe (and the world) is a nice way to make clearly to the Committee that the application is collective, participatory, global, shared with Europe. I know, there’s a few time and you’re all very tired after Lote3, but we were wondering if some of you could help us with this challenge. It would be a good way to seal the bond between the two communities. We can give you a list of tweet that tells about the history of Matera 2019 candidacy. What do you think about? Can you help us? Thanks a lot Ida

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That’s the spirit :slight_smile:

Pinging [Ben], [Noemi] and the whole lovely LOTE3 crowd!

[IdaLeone]: from what time to what time?

It’s on Wednesday from 8:30 am

I already made myself available and as of now trying to mobilize more of us in the community.

Some of us also have an informal online call tomorrow and could be a good opportunity to explain in more detail. Ida, if you have time to join starting 12pm it would be great, if not I’ll give my best to get more people on board.

Also IMPORTANT: hashtag for Wednesday morning is, in my understanding #portaMateranel2019


any particular time or all day?

any docs to have a look at before?

All details

We’d like to prepare a twitterstorm following the precise planning you are used to. Unfortunately, we don’t have time enough to do it. So, we will have an organization much more easy: we are using our personal contacts to involve the most people that we can. I attach down a list of tweet for who that doesn’ know the history of Matera 2019 candidacy. We are asking to everybody to be on line November 13th form 8:30 am, until someone from Rome will tell me that the game is over. Maybe two hours, or less. We are asking to everybody to twit the pre-writed twits or retwit ours (many of us will be in Palazzo Lanfranchi, Matera to telling what is happening).

Resume: Day: November, 13th

Hour: from 8:30 am to 10:30 - 11:00 am

What: the twit that I attach here, or twit that tell about your experience in LOTE3, or your thought about unMonastery, everything you want that is linked to “Matera 2019”

Hashtag: mt2019 or #portaMateranel2019 or both

Twit pre-writed: Matera 2019 starts bottom-up, from the idea of a cultural association of Matera , #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

In 2011, the Committee @ Matera2019 is official: Region, 2 Provinces, 2 city councils, UniBas, Chamber of Comm #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

Two years of working activities to present a shared, participatory and representative candidature dossier #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

The strongest themes of candidacy: we can do it #together , Matera resilient city, dual city, city of opposites #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

A strong theme of candidacy: to build up the cultural inhabitant #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

A strong theme of candidacy: we’ve been here for 8.000 years , we want to stay here for another 8.000 years #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

Matera symbolizes forgotten cultures which can find solutions for nowadays dominant cultures’ failures. Best practice across Europe mt2019

A long journey , today the final act of the application: the interview in front of Committee #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

15th Nov the D-day, the response: to know if Matera in the short-list which run to the final title of ECOC2019 #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

Matera the only candidate city with a community of citizens to discussing key issues related to the application #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

In a working year, the webteam has 52 members , more than 6,500 posts and more than 950 topics #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

The community of @Matera2019: 299 members, 163 missions , 1,769 comments #together mt2019

The European projects achieved by @Matera2019 : Materadio, unMonastery, BBGames #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

BBGames : 130 people from all over Europe and Italy to play together with the citizens in the most significant Lucan cities mt2019

unMonastery : call for Italians and Europeans civic hackers to live together in a un-monastery. A shared initiative #portaMateranel2019

Living On The Edge 3: on Nov. 2013 in Matera two European communities has met and mingled themselves through a shared work mt2019

Materadio, the feast of #RadioTre in Matera, three editions of live radio to tell about the city and its potentiality #portaMateranel2019

Matera as open city, right now: OpenData, openstreetmap, revolutions already done “without permission” mt2019

Matera as green city : 100,000 trees in 2019, in these days 120 of them already planted. A collective and shared project mt2019

Matera as city of alternative thought : transforming the unfinished railway line into a cycle and runner paths #portaMateranel2019 mt2019

Feel free to correct them or to write others, telling about your experience of LOTE3 and unMonastery. Any question? :slight_smile: thanks a lot!

Thanks for the list, may be add more general hashtags, so that people who are not actively searching for mt2019 se the tweets. Also, it would be nice if the mt2019 and #portaMateranel2019 become associated with widely known and searched hashtags such as #city culture resilience community innovation and that sort of thing. - Search And Find The Best Twitter Hashtags - Free

I’ll cook something up to tweet from my handle.

Maybe even later?

Yeeeeees, love this hopping betweem platforms! :slight_smile:

Ida, don’t you think it’s also possible it will be from 8.30 til a bit later? In any case all the tweets which will arrive will be put in a great storify to collect MT2019 in tweets :slight_smile: Ooooh, my tummy is starting to tweet :slight_smile:

May be socialoomph it from 8.30, and jump in human form after breakfast?

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8.30 seems to be a good tweet time because people wake up&commute. I’m not an early morning tweep though. Mb schedule the next twitterstorm lunch time? Those nice&long Italian lunch breaks should go well with twitterstorms.


I have no words to say you how much I’m happy about the today tweet storm.

More or less 3.500 tweet from every part of Europe, from every part of Italy, from people unsuspectable :slight_smile: We have a tweet book , made in real time from a friend of mine that I’ve never heard interesting to Matera 2019. You can donwload it here:

Lesson learned:

  1. asset of personal relationship WORKS. I put my own face, with you too, and this made the difference.

2. a tweet storm is a strong experience, very useful to bring a message outside from the four wall of a candidacy. Now more and more people knows, more and more people is curious, more and more people is near to us.

So, thanks, thanks and thanks again. Thanks to you, if Matera enter into short list.


Agree with K!

and in addition to that, Edgeryders don’t forget to add links to the content you’re sharing about us and #Lote3, it’s good if people can check the info and get a better sense of it…! not to mention it also drives some traffic. A little strategy never hurt anyone :-)