Meeting confesseur on Sunday, 7 July in Brutopia

Hi @reeflings, hi @reef-associate , hi @reef-exploring

On Sunday, 7th July, we are organising the confesseur meeting day.

You have a unique opportunity to meet our confesseur and ask questions that are there to support you with all financial questions.

No preparation is needed, but you have to have a clear idea what you want (in terms of apartment size) and they will help you to clarify whether you have enough funds to have that.

You can do your calculations here.

The way it works:

  • Every individual household has 30min time slot. Please be on time.
  • The room in Brutopia is booked from 12pm to 4pm. If we don’t have enough people joining, it will be shortened.
  • I will shortly add the registration form on this their so see how many people are available to join.
  • If not available, an online session will be organised

Address: Brutopia, Avenue van volxem 381C, Forest


Here is the link to sign up for Confesseur meeting on Sunday, July 7th PM:

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I will be out of the country and sit it out. Will contact Marcel separately, like I did last time.

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Thanks for your post @ugne, and for setting this up! Just so you know though, not many Exploring Members from the last two presentations have made it onto the platform yet, and there are none with usernames in the @reef-exploring group that you tagged. Hopefully that should change this week. @Lee has made a post to inform the new members about next steps, and I am going to add a link to your post there… :slight_smile:


Hello @ugne, thx for organising this. I am not sure if I have any additional questions after I met the confesseur last time, which is not so long ago. Is there a specific reason why we have to meet him again or is this rather something for the new members? I was offline for two weeks so I might have missed the information.

hi @reeflings
The Sunday, 7th July confesseur meeting i for those that:

  • have never met the confesseurs
  • have met them and have been asked to do some homework (see the fond du logement, their bank etc) and therefore need to come back to them with answers or need more precision

This means that those that have seen the confesseur(s) and got A (as a score - good to go) DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND the 7th July confesseur day.


We are not in Brussels and a video call will be tricky to organize. Are there other options to meet the confesseurs?

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Hi @marij_e
hmmm, not an easy question. Is there a way to do an online meeting before or after 7th July?

Hi @ugne, I’d like to meet the confesseur next Sunday but the only date I can select using the link you sent is the 14th of July … so impossible to register for the 7th. I might do something wrong but I don’t know what. Do you have an idea of a solution?

A little precision : I’ll be with my 2 years-old daughter on Sunday (no other solution) so not so easy to have a quiet conversation but we’ll do our best (hopefully she will be asleep!).

Thanks in advance for your answer!

Yes that is absolutely possible! What is the best way to arrange an online meeting on a different day?

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@ugne Much like Perrine, I can only choose a time on the 14th. Thank you for organising this meeting.

@joannes @Perrine sorry , there was a technical issue with the booking app. you can try again to book a time for you on the 7 july if you wish

@manuelpueyo @ugne
It does work now but I see there are appointments scheduled from 9 am and according to Ugne’s message above, the room is booked from 12 to 4 pm.
So are there possibilities in the morning as well?
Thanks again for those additional information !


This seems very interesting and I’d love to have a chance to meet a confesseur. However, I’m out of town the whole day.
Same question as already asked, is there a chance to meet the confesseur online on another day?


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Hi Perrine,
At what time are you scheduled on Sunday ?
I will also be coming (from 12:30 to 13). We will be glad to try to give you a hand with your little one.

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that’s a good point! thank you. @perrine are you ok with the 12 to 12:30 slot? lucia will be there at her meeting so maybe she can help you with the kids.

if yes just reply to this message and forget the calendly

@LuciaM Thanks a lot for offering help, that would be very useful ! So, if confirmed by Manuel, I’ll be there for meeting the confesseur at 12.
@manuelpueyo yes, sure, I can be there at 12 but isn’t it booked for someone else? The schedule seems to be nearly fully booked. Can you confirm I can come at that time? Thanks in advance!


Hi @perrine

12:00 is fine. Thank you for blocking it in your calendar
Thank you

Hi @johannes
Would you be available to see the confesseur at one of the following times (9:00 is not available):



Hi @thomasameel
Sure, everything is possible. Let me come back to you by email and I will put you in contact with our confesseur so you can meet him online on another day.

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