Meeting with the architects: Tuesday 13 December at 6 pm

Hello @reef-full and @reef-associate,

So we’ll be looking at our financial situation with the confesseurs in December, which will of course lead to the question of how many square meters we would like for our private units.

To help us answer this question, the architects have offered a visit to Brutopia, including to some private units of several sizes. After the visit there will be a meeting, where they will explain a couple more things and open the floor for questions.

Can you please confirm your presence in the poll below?

The maximum number of participants is 15, which is why for the moment I would like to limit it for the moment to the Full and Associate Members. Depending on the numbers we can see whether it makes sense to open or not. In any case, once the group is more stable, I’m sure we can organise another visit early next year for the now Exploring Members.

  • Yes I will be there!
  • Yes count me in for dinner afterwards!
  • Sorry, can’t make it!

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Woops, sorry, just reread the note on it being open to full and associate members first. You can dismiss my vote, but put me on the waiting list in case the group is not full :slight_smile:


Sadly enough I can’t make it that day, but if someone could make some basic notes (or record the audio) of this meeting, that would be lovely. :slight_smile:

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@reef-full and @reef-associate, if you haven’t done so yet, can you please let me know whether you can make it or not?

For dinner the reason we’re asking whether you’re joining is that we would cook, so it won’t be another kebab dinner this time :smiley:


Hi Lie,

what’s the exact timing of the visit? If after 5pm, I can make it!

@RalfWetzel it’s at 6 pm.

Perfect, count me in!

I’m not available, unfortunately.

Do we have room to open it to new reeflings? Or is it too complicated for now?

@reef-exploring, we have 4 places left for a visit to Brutopia (see post no 1 above). First come, first served!

If you’re too late or if you can’t make it, there is no reason to worry. We will organise another visit some time in February.


Hi, I would also like to visit it if possible! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll be there :partying_face:

Hi Lee, I understand that now new reeflings are in, am I correct? I had already voted yes in the poll. Am I included? If not here I am! Thanks.

So it’s a wrap. @VickyVanEyck @Sarah @AnnaMB @ChrisM @ClaudiaPr @Sophie_Beese @Laurianne @ugne @MariaAM @Nele @Nic @alberto and @RalfWetzel: let’s meet at 17:50 (18:00 at the very latest) at the architects place. The address is on the Nextcloud calendar.

Clearly there is not a lot of enthusiasm about our cooking skills (Alberto lives around the corner), but if you change your mind I’m sure we can improvise something.

For everybody else who couldn’t make it: there will most certainly be a second (identical) visit some time next year, so we’ll keep you posted.


I didn’t even notice the part of the poll relating to dinner! We might have some friends in town to visit afterwards, but if not we can maybe join in with an impromptu approach :slight_smile:

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Also totally missed that! I assumed it was on actually… I don’t think I will be joining in to go to town afterwards, so if it’s happening, I’ll gladly have your dinner!


I’ll also be happy to join the dinner part if it’s happening. :slight_smile:

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If there is still space I would also love to join. Would also be down for dinner afterwards :slight_smile:

Hi Lena,

I’m really sorry, but we have reached the maximum. I had agreed with the architects that we’d be bringing full members only, and so I don’t want to push the number of participants that they had indicated, especially because we’ll be entering people’s private homes. I promise there will be another chance next year.

No problem Lie, I completely understand. Am eager to hear what you guys will have to report though :slight_smile: