Minisite ready for launch, main menu changed

Hello all: following last week’s community call, some of us put together a Living On The Edge conference minisite. It is conceived as read-only: a point of entry for people that are not part of the community and need to figure out what LOTE is before deciding whether to get involved. We think it is ready for launch, though we will continue tweaking it. This space remains as the conference’s workspace – a read-and-write space.

We changed the link in the main menu. Previously it was called “LOTE3” and linked here (/t/making-lote3/360); now it is called “conference” and it links to the new minisite. Links from the minisite to the workspace are provided in the appropriate places. The workspace is also accessible from the “Projects” page.

Great, let us have a look and tweak some stuff

You are right, it looks almost ready to launch.

I’m just going through the content cleaning some typos and also making sure pages link where they’re supposed to.

How can I edit the minisite pages? example: i edited  Program and after I saved the secondary menu went away… check please?

Also, in the bottom of the program page i see an aggregation of sessions per track, and need to edit some posts so that they’re not tagged with activities like tracks.  Otherwise they show up in that aggregation space as sessions, although they’re not.


I’m sorry, I don’t know how to fix that!

Add yourself to the LOTE3 group

Noemi, the second level menu went away because it is tied to the URL path starting with lote3/*, and the URL path changed when you edited the Program node because of a bug in the current versionof Drupal Commons: when you’re not a member of a group and edit a node in that group, group associations are lost (except you add them back in the form when editing).

I fixed this by putting back the group association to the LOTE3 group. Easiest solution to prohibit this in the future: add yourself as member to the LOTE3 group, via “LOTE3 Group page -> Administer group -> Add People”. Applies also to everyone else who wants to edit articles in the LOTE3 group.


Thanks, you’re a saviour :slight_smile:

thanks [Matthias] that explanation was quite helpful,

let me know if you need any more help with the minisite.

same here - fix

I think I know what [Noemi] is referring to (dissapearing menu), I think I know how to “fix” it (the group membership helps too). But we can hack it together maybe tomorrow after the call, or some time, to make sure we fix it well :slight_smile: