Missing the pre-formed tweets in CountOnMe

Are you sure about the new format, @owen? It’s graphically elegant, but it seems a bit middle of the road: it does not contain engaging content per se, just a teaser to the post; and neither does it contain a “fast lane” to sharing the link. I mean, clicking on the “Twitter” link at the end of the page will create a tweet with just the link to the post on the platform.

I am no expert at this, so I am not countermanding what you guys decided. But I am curious as to what the reasoning was.

I think the reasoning was #CountOnMe emails should be short and to the point with one headline and call to action per email and the weekend email should offer a more comprehensive overview of the past week.

But not sure what you mean about the pre-formed tweets? There were sharing cards I made before, but I found the HTML breaks up easily depending on the email clients - but they essentially just contained simple links like in the current email.

Let me know your thoughts.

Previously when you would click on share, a pre-typed text by the newsletter author automatically accompanied the link. For me that was a bit easier to keep up with sharing links.

Right - this is easy to put in again, not sure why it was removed.

@winnieponcelet is right. This was in the times when @noemi did it. The email would contain < 140 characters sentences, + the link, typically shortened with bit.ly or buff.ly or similar. You could copy the sentence and paste onto your Twitter compose window, and there it went.

An even more sophisticated version of that is what Winnie refers to: you click on the link, and you already get the pre-formed tweet, with not even the need to open a compose window and copy-paste.

I have added this option to the latest email!