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hello Edgeryders,

I am part of the golden foot collective. we took a mobile independent footcare clinic and cinema from scotland to italy and serbia.  To help in the migrant crisis. there were 8 of us and we had 2 nurses and 2 mechanics. everyone had done some international migrant solidarity before. This was a process of upscaling what we were doing. dispite many obsticale.  it all worked well.  since Then i have been increasingly intrested in best practice. how do we get people to operate well in high stress enviroments?

reduce there expectations of situations to allow them to see what is happening? how do we get people to learn rapidly as this is the only way to stay on top of quickly changing situations? how can more of the knowledge and expertise that has been aquired be passed on more effectively?  in the long term how do we cultivate high levels of mental resilence so we can face the future well? how does mass empowerment break down into actionable steps in the crisis to come?

coming from scotland we live in an end destination. how  can we have effective solidarity with those that live on transit routes as well as those in transit?

I am producing zines and perhaps in the future i will do a podcast but i come here with alot of questions.

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“Independent footcare clinic”: change title of your story?

Hi @Michael_Dunn and welcome! I think that important detail in your story “footcare clinic” will make you and your work easier to be found by other edgeryders around.

I looked up details about the project and found your crowdfunding campaign page… how come you stopped at food care as a way to describe it best, even though I see you provide many other basic first aid - medical supplies, tea etc.

In the past year we met many people who do relief, aid, skilling up work with regugees… most of the projects are local scale - the Orange House in Athens (15 residents and 50 people around to receive some services), a Refugee 2 Refugee Solidarity Call Center in Thessaloniki, informal and bottom up, and crowdfundedfunded through an international campaign… or ad hoc backpacks packing to welcome people in Kos Island, Lesbos… and beyond.

Most of them point at the need for better coordination among community leaders, citizens donors, organisations, and other businesses and organisations in the ecosystem… What has been a major challenge for you as you went on the road?