Monday's call: anything you want to bring up for the agenda?

Dear all,

OpenCare is well under way already.

For the next call I propose as point on the agenda to look into the various engagement activities under way, keep close and make sure our work feeds into the online conversation.

-Nadia is teaching a course in Berlin giving design students hands on open care challenges to think products around (Hacking Utopia)

-WeMake and Milano City are hosting joint events with various local communities

-I’m in Ireland building a partnership with a local group for the OpenCare mental health strand

What about the rest? @markomanka? @Tino_Sanandaji @Lakomaa?

See you Monday at 16:30 CET!

Shortlink to the hangout room:

what about last week

Hi  @Noemi,

last week the hangout was pretty empty :confused:

In any case I would know if you and/or @Nadia will be present.


Hi, switched wires

I thought Noemi was going to be on and Noemi thought I was going to be on. It will not happen again as we have agreed that Noemi is running these calls every week, and that I am taking responsibility for the outward communication and engagement in Op3nCare.

about Monday Call

is it the right place to talk about Consortium things or it’s better to focus to “community” content?



@Costantino, my personal take is that we can talk about consortium too. But if the discussions get too administrative and need more of the partners in, then better for @LuceChiodelliUB to set up separate “meeting style” hangouts once in a while.

For now I’d like to keep the calls open to different needs, which is why I’m trying to collect agenda points. So if there’s anything you have in mind that we need to discuss feel free to bring it on. The earlier the better, so people interested in that can join.