Monthly Magazine Planning

In the working group for Ci2i community engagement, I’ve been tasked with developing a newsletter mailing. It was super inspiring to learn that [tomjd] [eimhin] [nadia] and others were brainstorming about developing a magazine right after the Learn/Share Lab. So I’m sending a first mailing today - based on content we’ve got and what we want to build out at I’ve invited folks here to talk about working together to create the next issue in 1 month. I’d love to imagine the magazine becoming a container for our interactions around a different practitioner theme each month. Let’s see who joins in here and think about possibility…

There’s a planning document we’re using to organize content. If you’ve got some to add, please put it there. Questions, comments and suggestion welcome here as well!


Cocreative leadership… I wonder is that my theme? I have spent the day writing about the cc peer production license  developed by cc and modified by Dmitry Kleiner of TeleKommunisten as applied to an anecdotal story of a friend from the circus community and how it might have served him if he had applied it to a model he developed of the prop he works with.

And there is a lot coming out about cocreative OS festival development. I am super interested in this, spent last week programming a participatory budgeting widget that is going to be really useful as a crowdsource/funding tool, showing role and resource distribution infographically. I rpesented it at a symposium yesteday called ‘The body and activism’ , part of the Galway Dance Days Festival. Here’s the sample widget we used, its very early days. (Tom , Nadia, super interested to hear what you think of this as a prep for OS festivals,(Free/Libre Open Source Festivals :wink: ) Its early days:

So I’m wondering can I weave this theme in or does it fit? I can make it fit…I’m very good at that :wink:

Or other themes?

Hi Eimhin,

Co-creative leadership was a theme suggested for this month, but there will be future months too, ideally with different themes. Maybe we could brainstorm some?

First two issues

In case you missed em, the first two issues of the magazine have been published:

Sharing our learning from #cocreate14

What is co-creative leadership? 

May’s theme to explore together is The Ethics of Co-creation, and @Jean Russell will be editing this time. If you have content you’d like to add, please drop a note ion this thread or go here to add it. You can also volunteer to curate a future issue!