Music unites

Hi . I am Tigran , musician , web developer from Armenia . Always interested in alternative lifestyle , like to experiment living in different communities . Hope to be useful and get support and advises from Edgeryders to make our enviroment better .

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Nice to meet you Tigran :slight_smile:

This is me. I also often find myself exploring different lifestyles from what seems to be the norm where I am from, Sweden. But Im curious, maybe alternative in Armenia doesn’t mean the same as in Sweden…Maybe you can share an example?

Also, is this approach easier to you find?


Tigran hi and welcome on board! I look forward to meeting you in person, hopefully in Yerevan next week?

Our workshop - organised with the help of the lovely @Vahagn whom I suspect you already know - will be very informal and a good opportunity for getting to know one another. Are you playing an instrument ? If yes and it’s not a too heavy one :) I would like to encourage you to bring it along, especially for the second part of the meetup;  Vahagn mentioned that we should have music on and it’s not a bad idea :slight_smile: