My edgeryders / Futurespotters experience

My reflections on Futurespotters -process of community building ,Georgia event and overall “project”


when @immaginoteca  sent me the link with the futurespotters , I didn’t know exactly what’s going on -obviously- but I was curious and it looked like “an interesting experiment” - that was the first impression found it on the chat between me and Francesco-

after browsing for a while and knew about the unmonastery and  the moneyless community I became more excited as the edge isn’t a metaphor ,people are actually on the edge :slight_smile:

I remember @Ahmed M Rabie in the 1st call with nadia after explaining a bit about edgeryders and futurespotters  saying “ I wanna be a part of that “ . that sums up the first impression

On community building

Personally  I enjoyed the process as I  was always between different networks and  it is something that I wanted to do a while ago - with a different framework/scale - but it was mainly about bringing different people together and connecting them . and hopefully would try to continue within the same track.

For the time scale and different limitation (which we already discussed)  the result is satisfying , although there we r still on the surface , there are still other  on the edge “changemakers “ in the bottom that we didn’t reach .

It was more of a learning experience especially in the social media stuff like twitterstorm and scheduling tweets- even blogging as seen through this text  -  is totally new for me

and for the open flexible work out loud that’s just an awesome way of getting things done I have to say

About the event

first of all , it was really a nice experience to see the people physically after the online discussions . I liked the diversity in people in everything even in age.The sessions and presentations were insightful , am still in the Georgia aftermath phase going through different presentations.

Tbilisi is a very beautiful city and the different talks at night  were very interesting .

The event was  a bit more formal than expected - it wasn’t normal Formal conference by any means as it is by definition a non spectator event - and I felt the 2 days unconference was needed to have more constructive discussions ( was discussed on the event) especially when having parallel sessions.

for the overall Futurespotters process -during which I knew a lot of interesting people that hopefully will collaborate with in the future and yes we didn’t meet physically yet - I am just glad I was  on board ,and collaboration won’t end here , lots of ideas are on the air now hope to get them into action.

it was a needed experience for me as recently I was going through a closed loop a(of thoughts ) and can’t get out of it

and as @ArthurD was saying “by definition since we are all on the edge each one is looking in different direction” , and would like to explore my space on the edge and find my direction


Good work

As I already told you, @Hazem, it has been a pleasure working with you. Let’s hope to do more of this.

You are already very good at engagement. To get even better, I would recommend you work on your writing. Your style reminds me of text messages: “you r” instead of “you are”, sentences that end without a punctuation mark, that sort of thing. Nothing wrong with it, but here is the thing: the first mover in an online conversation sets the style. If you want people to give their best, give your best first. And I think Edgeryders should attempt to bring out the best in us: ideally we should all have learned, and become more effective and wise, after interacting with each other.

It will be real fun to discover where this all goes. :slight_smile:


thanks for the tip - it was nice meeting you in person -

will try to work more on my writing skills .

and let’s see how it all this goes

From one community manager to another

@Hazem it’s very sweet of you to share this and I hope this is just the beginning of our work together.

I was telling you in Tbilisi how lucky it felt to have you on board and how you seem to have a natural ability for community management.  Here is the Edgeryders manual I’ve started and will keep on updating over time… if sometime in your process of figuring out where you wanna go next you’d be interested in doing this for the longer run, get in touch :slight_smile:

reading it

was a bit busy last week with some submission in uni  , hopefully I will read it this weekend and leave u a comment there .

definitely community building/management is one of the things I want to "do next " :slight_smile:

It was nice to meet you Hazem

And also guys from the Egypt UNDP Team and to talk about current situation in Egypt comparing and finding parallels with Armenia’s case. Cheers :slight_smile:

nice meeting you too

It was nice meeting you too and all the Armenian youth :slight_smile:

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